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Which Comfort and Joy skincare collection is the perfect gift?

At ESPA, we are experts in skincare and wellbeing. This led us to create different ranges of skincare products to suit different skin types and concerns. We have created this guide to help you know what skincare gift set to buy for yourself, a member of your family, or a dear friend, who brings you Comfort and Joy.

The Optimal Skin Collection.

This collection is perfect for anyone, as it is suitable for all skin types and anyone who desires nourished, radiant skin.

It contains our bestselling;

  • Optimal Skin ProCleanser
  • Optimal Skin ProSerum
  • Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

Products which work in harmony with the skin to optimise its natural function.

How to use:

  1. The ProCleanser is a 3-in-1 wonder product, combining a cleanser, exfoliator and mask that you can leave on for as long as desired. The key ingredients are Pumpkin Enzymes which gently buff away skin cells, Sweet Orange and Moringa Seed Extract that remove makeup and brighten. Jojoba Oil penetrates the skin to leave it clear and smooth.
  2. The ProSerum is designed to strengthen the natural moisture barrier of skin, which will improve the tone and condition of skin. It also enhances elasticity and provides hydration, in turn reducing the appearance of fine lines and signs of ageing. Turmeric visibly brightens the complexion and While Lupin firms skin. Apply to face, neck and décolleté and massage in before using the Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser.
  3. The Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is the final step in your optimal gift routine.  A lightweight moisturiser that provides long-lasting hydration and improves the complexion. South African Resurrection Plant revives dry or dehydrated skin while Navarra Asparagus Extract diminishes any early signs of ageing.

Extra Treats:

As an extra treat to enhance the routine, why not add the Optimal Skin ProDefence SPF15 to your basket. Layer over ProMoisturiser to finally lock in all the benefits of your routine.

For those ESPA-lovers who are already fans of our Optimal Skin range, there is also the ESPA Optimal Body TriSerum. An intensely divine oil that strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier, protects against environmental pollution and evens skin tone. Infused with Omega Oils to provide rich nourishment and rehydration, and Balloon Vine to calm and soothe suffering skin. Apply to clean skin after bathing or showering. Spritz and massage into skin until fully absorbed.


The Replenishing Collection.

This range is for those who have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin as it the products are very light. It provides plumper, more radiant, healthy-looking skin, using products that work together to counteract damaged skin.

The collection contains:

  • Hydrating Cleansing Milk
  • Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer
  • 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser
  • Replenishing Face Treatment Oil

How to use:

  1. The first step is the Hydrating Cleansing Milk, which can also be used on all skin types. 100% natural, this gentle, creamy cleanser removes makeup and moisturisers skin. It is infused with Rose and Camomile to nourish and soothe, and Marshmellow Extract to comfort. For really dry, or baby skin, it can also be used as a moisturiser. Smooth over face, neck and décolleté then rinse with warm water or a muslin cloth to remove all traces of stubborn makeup.
  2. The Hydrating Floral Spritzer is infused with Rose and Neroli essential oils to brighten skin. A hydrating toner to refresh and nourish skin, leaving it beautifully soft and supple. After cleansing, spritz directly onto clean skin or onto a cotton pad and sweep over face, neck and décolleté. For an instant refresh or some much needed hydration throughout the day, spritz directly onto skin.
  3. After toning, the Replenishing Face Treatment Oil is the next step. A nourishing oil designed to protect the skin by strengthening its natural moisture barrier and minimise signs of ageing. Neroli and Sandalwood revitalise, while Avocado and Primrose nourish and soften.
  4. Follow this with the 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser, a rich, hydrating cream designed to soften and nourish skin. Providing deep hydration to dehydrated skin removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as it revives and plumps the skin to give a youthful appearance. Vitamin E protects and nourishes while Jojoba moisturises to leave skin smooth and soft.

Extra Treats:

For someone you know who will love this range, add the 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser to their gift. A hydrating eye cream that protects and strengthens delicate skin and minimises fine lines. Olive Butter smooths while antioxidants such as Vitamin E hydrate. Apply to the contour of the eye, gently tapping until fully absorbed.


The Balancing Collection:

This is for anyone with oily and combination skin, who need a little balance in their lives.

This gift set contains:

  • Balancing Foam Cleanser
  • Balancing Herbal Spafresh Spritzer
  • 24-Hour Balancing Moisturiser
  • Balancing Face Treatment Oil

This clever combination of products works together to combat oil production, clarify and even skin tone, hydrate and soothe.

How to use:

  1. Remove makeup and impurities with the Balancing Foam Cleanser, a naturally foaming face wash designed to balance the natural oils on your skin and remove shine, without causing dryness. Organic Mandarin helps balance as Olive Oil nourishes for soft, clear skin. Apply onto damp skin and work into a lather, then rinse away with warm water.
  2. Follow cleansing with the Balancing Herbal Spafresh Spritzer. A herbaceous, clarifying toner infused with essential oils to purify the skin and close pores. Peppermint reduces the appearance of pores while Witch Hazel maintains the skin’s natural pH balance for beautifully clear, refined skin. Apply using a cotton pad to face, neck and décolleté or directly onto skin to refresh throughout the day.
  3. The Balancing Face Treatment Oil is the next step to purify and mattify skin. Oil counteracts oil production; so sebaceous glands do not produce any further oil once a serum is applied. Further balancing excess oils and adding deep nourishment, this oil will provide soft and calm skin. Rose Geramium purifies and clarifies as Avocado Oils nourish. Lemon and Rose essential oils provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Work a few drops into the skin and allow to fully absorb.
  4. After applying your oil, add some moisture back into your skin with the cooling 24-Hour Balancing Moisturiser, designed to gently balance oil production to clear and smooth skin. White Thyme balances as Lavender calms and soothes breakouts without clogging pores. Smooth over face, neck and décolleté and allow to fully absorb.

The Regenerating Collection:

The final ESPA collection in the Comfort and Joy range is The Regenerating Collection. Perfect for those with mature skin who are concerned about the early signs of ageing, to provide them with a renewed sense of confidence and beautiful skin.

This collection contains:

  • Nourishing Cleansing Balm
  • Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer
  • Regenerating Moisture Complex
  • Regenerating Face Treatment Oil

How to use:

  1. The Nourishing Cleansing Balm is a deeply nourishing balm designed to remove makeup and leave skin smooth and clean. Beeswax creates a natural balmy texture, which transforms into a rich cream when mixed with water. Rose Geranium comforts and calms sore skin and Rose Damascena tones and stimulates circulation, to leave skin looking youthful and clean. Soften a small amount between fingertips before gently massaging into face, neck and décolleté. Lather with warm water then rinse.
  2. After a thorough cleanse, follow with a toner. The Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer is a hydrating toner infused with flower waters and essential oils to comfort the skin. Neroli replenishes while Rose Damascena hydrates a lacklustre complexion. Apply directly to skin for an instant refresh, or to a cotton pad and sweep over face, neck and décolleté.
  3. Follow your tone with the Regenerating Face Treatment Oil, a potent oil to provide deep nourishment and hydration, minimising the appearance of fine lines. Frankincense revitalises, Evening Primrose strengthens the skins natural moisture barrier and Organic Carrot helps to protect the skin.
  4. Finish the regenerating routine off with the Regenerating Moisture Complex. An age-defying hydrator that intensely hydrates skin to reduce premature signs of ageing. Antioxidant Green Tea firms mature skin, while Camellia rehydrates and plumps skin leaving it feeling soft and looking youthful. Apply over face, neck and décolleté and allow to fully absorb.

We hope you are now thoroughly educated on our skincare ranges to make an informed decision about which range is best as a Christmas present for your loved one.

Bring Comfort and Joy to another, and their skin, this Christmas.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Associate Product Manager