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Sacred rituals and ancient wisdom, reimagined for modern day souls.


“a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation and combination”

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ESPA harness the wisdom and restorative power of nature, to nurture and comfort. Explore nature’s apothecary within this collection and experience three key pillars to the alchemic creations. The power of flowers, understanding of the adaptogenic roots and herbs from the ground and mushroom extract.

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Yantras are ancient geometrical patterns that represent different forms of divinity, and used to support meditation, contemplation and guidance. Inform your perfect ritual today by selecting your Yantra.

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The word “chakra”, from Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk”. Chakras are a spiritual energy centre within the human body, there are seven chakras which run along the spine, through the neck and head. If one of your chakras is blocked or misaligned, your wellbeing and perhaps even your physical health will be affected.

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