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Explore ESPA's sexual wellness range featuring our connection blend of essential oils. This blend encourages closeness, intimacy, and communication with the warm scents of Ylang Ylang, earthy Patchouli, creamy Sandalwood, and soothing Jasmine. Our concept of bodycare now goes beyond achieving beautiful, youthful skin and soothed muscles. Sexual pleasure is becoming part of our wider self-care routine, giving you an extra spring in your step. From pillow mists to diffuser pod oils, the products within this range are the necessities that stimulate a sense of connection in the home and a renewed sense of intimacy. What's more, there is also the soothing bath and body oil that can be used as a massage oil or swirled into a bath for a soothing soak. After a long day, reignite that sense of intimacy and indulge in ESPA's warm aromatherapy of the connection blend today.

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  • Connection Bath & Body Oil

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Why ESPA Connection?

Within ESPA's range of sexual wellness is our connection blend. This blend has been expertly designed to ignite a sense of intimacy with its warm, sensual scents of essential oils. Found in both the body and home products within this range, you can instantly cast a sense of closeness over your space, mind and body.