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Within ESPA's range of handcare you will find the best luxury hand washes and lotions. Made with deeply hydrating formulas, the products within this range have been designed to soften, replenish and protect our hands and nails. These handwashes and lotions go beyond everyday handcare as they harness the power of aromatherapy to elevate everyday tasks with a sensorial connection for the mind. Choose a fragrance to match your mood, whether you wish to uplift the spirit, soothe your senses, energise the mind or be left with a comforted feeling. What's more, the aromatic blends of essential oils leave a delicate fragrance on the skin as they intensely nourish. Transform your bathroom into a spa experience.

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Why ESPA Handcare?

Within ESPA's range of handcare are the best luxury hand washes and nourishing lotions to treat your hands to. Also perfect as a house-warming gift, the special formulas in these products have been designed to heighten the senses with aromatic fragrances while nourishing the skin on the hands.