Our Heritage
The next generation of spa

ESPA Life Spa launched in 2011 bringing true integrative wellness to the luxury spa environment. The evolution of this journey sees ESPA Life become ‘The Future of Wellness’ with the inclusion of innovative clinical modalities and an emphasis on promoting mental wellbeing.

Encouraging optimum wellbeing

The essence of ESPA Life is to encourage optimum wellbeing for the entire body to achieve harmonious equilibrium in the systems of the body and the mind. ESPA Life promotes prevention as the most effective system of healthcare, delivering thoughtful and considered expert therapeutic care in a space where positive personal life lessons are inspired, infused and nurtured.

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Restorative Wellness

 This philosophy, which we define as Restorative Wellness, is rooted in positive lifestyle principles and flows throughout the spa and our transformative experiences. Nutrition, exercise, movement, treatments and mindful practices are skilfully curated to nurture vital life skills and connect you with knowledge and inspiration that are a portal to peace, comfort and vitality.

ESPA Life’s Restorative Wellness treatments blend a trilogy of proven holistic practices with innovations in scientific wellbeing and technology. These work in synergy with the systems of the body and mind to re-set mindful wellbeing and gently guide you on an immersive sensorial journey leading to self-discovery and greater harmony.

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