Perfect your Bodycare routine in 5 Minutes or Less

If we’re honest, most of us only have time for a skincare routine on our faces morning and night, so don’t leave much by way of our bodies.

An important step to include however, here are our tips for a fail proof body care routine in 5 minutes or less.

Morning Shower

Finding time to shower and moisturise can be tough, so combine the two using Nourishing Shower Cream – an indulgent moisturising body wash which gently cleanses and hydrates, locking in moisture each morning for a speedy getaway.

Likewise, for light, daily exfoliation use Body Smoothing Shower Gel to nourish and soften before your daily commute.

Body On-the-Go

If applying body oil feels like an indulgent step too far, apply Optimal Body Triserum to arms, legs and décolleté for exquisitely smooth, toned, more youthful looking skin.

Caro Dooling

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