Get ready to party with ESPA

Tis’ the season for celebrating. Christmas parties, late nights and indulgence. To ensure you look and feel your best when letting your hair down and celebrating the festive season, begin your skin, body and hair care preparations early to ensure you feel your best and are photo-ready at all times.

Complexion Brightening

Whether it’s a work party, dinner with a loved one or a festive outing with friends, illuminate your complexion a couple of nights before your event with an at home ESPA facial.

To begin the ritual of getting ready, fully cleanse your skin and also add a second cleanse. This will make sure that no traces of make-up or pollution build-up from your day’s activities can clog up your pores and cause an unwanted breakout on the big day.

For a smooth canvas to apply flawless makeup to, exfoliate with Refining Skin Polish. A super-fine exfoliator to refine and smooth, creating a radiant and clear complexion and improving congested skin.

The ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk is ideal for double cleansing as it is suitable and gentle enough to benefit all skin types. Apply to skin with either cotton wool pads and wash off with warm water.

Follow this with either the Hydrating or Balancing Spafresh to dispel any last remaining impurities and reduce the appearance of pores.

Gently apply the Replenishing Face Treatment Oil onto your face, neck and décolleté to minimise the appearance of fine lines, replenish and protect the skin.

To add an extra level of self-indulgence into your ritual, apply an even layer of Essential Cleansing Mask to your face to purify and balance excess oils and relax while the natural Tri-Active™ blend gets to work. To further relax, light a Restorative candle and allow the soothing aroma to help you switch off and enjoy some much needed calm before the business of Christmas celebrations. The Essential Cleansing Mask does not set, giving you the choice of whether to sleep in your mask or to gently remove with warm water.


Mix 1 – 2 drops of Tri-Active™ Advanced Night Booster with the Overnight Hydration Therapy in the palm of your hand and apply to face neck and décolleté. This will ensure your skin looks plump and radiant, and that you will feel and look well-rested. 

Retire to bed and wake to fresh, bright, luminous looking skin that will be the perfect base for makeup.

Body Blitz

Prepare your hair and body to ensure they are as radiant and smooth as your skin. It’s important not to neglect your body, make some time to give your body a little TLC a night or two before your event. If you intend on doing this at the same time as your facial, be sure to add this step first so you can drift off to sleep while the powerful Tri-Active™ ingredients work their magic.

Make sure your hair is enviously glossy and smooth by applying a generous layer of Pink Hair & Scalp Mud to your hair and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes, or sleep in overnight.

While the mask softens and nourishes your locks, exfoliate head to toe with Exfoliating Body Polish. This will make your skin look toned, smooth, and perfect ahead of your event. If you are planning on using the ESPA Gradual Face and Body tans before your event, this step is crucial. Buff away any dull, tired or winter weary skin and wash off to reveal fresher, brighter skin, ready to be shown off in Christmas party wear.

Once bathed, apply a layer of Restorative Body Oil and allow to soak in, before adding Smooth & Firm Body Butter for an extra hit of hydration. The combination of these hydrating gems will combat the drying effects of the constant temperature changes your body is enduring, between inside and outside, leaving your body smooth, soft and luminous, ready to dance the night away.

On the day

As a final touch before you leave, spritz the Optimal Body TriSerum over exposed skin for healthy looking, beautifully glowing skin that will smell incredible.

For your hand or clutch bag, make sure you have Nourishing Lip Treatment and Pink Pomelo Lip Balm to hand and keep lips glossy and kissably soft with an added natural sheen.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Associate Product Manager