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Product Focus

Product Focus

Spotlight: Optimal Skin ProDefence SPF15

Protect your skin everyday from UVA and UVB rays with Optimal Skin ProDefence SPF15.

Spotlight: Tinted Moisturiser

Quench, strengthen, protect and firm your skin with our tinted moisturiser.

Spotlight: Fitness

Soothe muscles and ease the mind after a workout with our Fitness range.

Four Ways to use Cleansing Milk

A versatile cleanser, learn some of our therapists ingenious uses for Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

Boost your Immune System

Meet our Resistance collection and ward off those unwelcome germs.

What are Sensory Products?

Your body is attracted to what it needs, find out more about our Sensory products.

Why try a Serum?

Serums enable us to intensify the effectiveness of our skincare routine in one simple step.

Spotlight: Skin Rescue Balm

A pocket-sized hero for all occasions, meet Skin Rescue Balm.

Therapist Multipurpose Heroes

Find out which products have surprising multiple uses with our therapist heroes.

Spotlight: Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

Created in 1993, meet ESPA icon and bestseller, Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.

Spotlight: 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

Gentle on skin but tough on environmental aggressors, meet our 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser.

Spotlight: Optimal Skin ProSerum

Harness the troubleshooting, skin-transforming, anti-ageing power of Optimal Skin ProSerum.

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