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Make Mornings Easier: 3 Top Tips for Starting Your Day

Make Mornings Easier: 3 Top Tips for Starting Your Day
Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Weekend lie-ins, the snooze button, late nights. If you're nodding your head as you read this, you may have accepted the fact that you are not a morning person. There is a natural tendency in all of us to be drawn to either the night or day. It's called our chronotype, and it's genetic. However, despite your genes telling you to press the snooze button, life's demands may require you to arise earlier than you prefer. Whether it's the return of the office commute, the school run, or a new year's resolution, the time we need to wake up at is often decided for us.

Although you may never yearn to go for a sunrise jog at the crack of dawn, this is how to make mornings easier.

Try energising essential oils

The first step on how to get out of bed in the morning is to make your morning experience as pleasant as possible. The key to this is to stimulate your senses with aromatherapy as you go about your usual routine. According to Healthline, clinical research supports that there are certain oils that increase energy and relieve fatigue. These energising essential oils include Rosemary and Peppermint.

To balance your mood and set the right tone for the day, ESPA's Energising Oil is a blend of the exact uplifting oils needed to instantly brighten those early hours and make the mornings easier. Infuse it into the air of the room where you are most in the mornings using the ESPA Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser. For example, you can easily transform your bathroom into an invigorating oasis with a simple addition of some foliage, a scented candle and essential oils to energise.

ESPA diffuser and candle on bathroom windowsill

Before you brush your teeth, make a habit to breathe in the aroma of the revitalising Peppermint and Rosemary scents. This is a good opportunity to squeeze a morning breathing ritual into your routine. Reward yourself for your early rise with a moment of calm before the chaos of the day follows. Taking a moment to yourself to breathe provides that grounding sense you can carry throughout the rest of the day, no matter what obstacles may arise. It doesn't have to be a twenty-minute meditation, just a few minutes of calm can have a huge impact on your morning.

Take a hot bath in the morning

When you dread mornings, it's natural to try and shorten them. That is, setting your alarm at a time that gives you as much sleep as possible. However, that extra half an hour in bed is actually counter-productive if it's causing you to rush into the day. Adding stress and a lack of time will certainly not make your morning easier. A piece of advice which may be considered controversial is to take a hot bath in the morning. Bathing is known to be an unwinding method strictly for the evenings. However, it can be just as, if not more effective before the day begins.

woman having morning bath with ESPA diffuser

Consider a broken night's sleep you've experienced and think about what caused it. Were you dreading a to-do task or worrying about the next day? That feeling of dread or anticipation raises our cortisol levels, which impacts on our sleep. If you know you have something to enjoy in the mornings, some time to yourself in a hot, calming bath for example, you may feel more relaxed going to bed. In turn, cortisol levels will be reduced, sleep improved and you'll awaken feeling more restful.

For a real incentive to get out of the bed in the morning, add a cap of ESPA Positivity Bath & Body Oil to your hot morning bath. This vibrant blend of essential oils is perfect for dull mornings, with the aroma of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium instantly lifting spirits while the rejuvenating Bergamot and Sweet Orange sets a positive tone for the day.

Go on an early morning walk

Lastly, one of the simplest ways to make mornings easier is an early morning walk. We understand the thought of outdoor aerobic exercise on those cold winter mornings is rather unappealing. However, as time moves towards the longer, brighter days, adding an early morning walk into your routine does wonders for the beginning of the day.

early morning walks perks

Not only does fresh air clear the mind, starting off with movement can boost energy levels for the rest of the day. According to Medical News Today, adults should get in 10,000 steps a day. However, this figure can actually be difficult to achieve if working in an office, especially during the winter when the days are shorter and it's dark by the time the working day is finished. If you introduce a morning walk into your routine during the summer, it will become easier to stick to once the days become shorter.

What's more, morning exercise releases hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These two mood-boosters will help to make your morning easier and, similar to the bath, will soon encourage you to look forward to the mornings.

Morning person or not, it's difficult to enjoy time spent under pressure and in a rush. Create a miracle morning routine and give mornings a chance. Use them as you-time and fill them with sensory, calming moments to start your day right.

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Josie Wilkins
Writer and expert
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