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Love - The Nourishing Balm And The Practice Of Love And Kindness

The ability to love ourselves takes time, effort and compassion. To truly flourish as individuals, rather than seeking perfection we need to practice appreciating our own value and accept who we are. Positive change and personal growth come from kindness rather than criticism, from a place of love rather than judgement.

Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for a ritual that will nourish you physically and emotionally. Warm the balm in your hands, feeling the change in texture as it transforms into a cushiony oil. Cup your hands to your face and, inhaling the nursing aromatic, take 3 clearing breaths.

With gratitude and compassion, apply The Nourishing Balm to the heart space in a full circular motion, slowly starting to make those circles larger as you cover the décolleté.

Circle the back of the left hand and continue those rhythmic circles as you move up the arm and return to circling the heart space. Repeat these movements` beginning on the back your other hand.

Circle the top of the foot and continue those circles as you move up the front and back of the leg. Repeat beginning on the top of your other foot.

Continuing to nurture and comfort the skin with the balm, move your hand to your abdomen making large circles in a clockwise direction, finishing with circles on the heart chakra.

Having made this deeper connection to yourself, you can complete your journey with a loving kindness meditation:
Seated in a comfortable position, first feel your whole being filled with love.
Give love and acceptance to the aspects of yourself that you judge. Using positive affirmations, replace criticism with kindness and understanding. Love every aspect of yourself as a temple.
Send love to those you cherish.
Send love to humanity and beings everywhere.
Send love to a challenging situation.
To finish bring love back to ourselves and let it radiate.
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