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Joy & Gratitude - The hydrating Lotion And Practice Conscious Awareness

This ritual encourages you to become more mindful of your body, more conscious of your breath and its power to relax our mind and our muscles.

Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for this grounding breathing ritual to nourish your wellbeing and anchor you in the present.

Warming The Hydrating Lotion between your palms, cup your hands and bring them to your face, slowly inhaling three times allowing the nurturing aromatic oils to ground you.

As you gently massage the lotion onto your body in smooth circular movements and feel it soothe and soften your skin, transfer your attention to the physical sensation of breathing.

With each inhalation and exhalation observe how the breath moves through your body, from your nostrils into your lungs and out again.

Staying in the moment, without altering the intensity of your breath, notice its pattern. What sound does your breath make as it travels in through your nose and out through your mouth?

Notice the temperature of the air change as you inhale and exhale.

What happens to your chest?

What happens to your belly?

Like a balloon inflating and deflating, with each breath notice how your abdomen swells and shrinks.

Your mind may wander but let any thoughts to come and go, each time guiding your focus back to the natural rhythm of your body as you inhale… exhale…
Modern Alchemy