Quick Skincare Tips

Get the most out of your ESPA products with these quick tips from our expert therapists. Find out which products have surprising multiple uses, which ones are travel essentials and how to boost the effects of your favourite products. You can also pick up some easy lifestyle tips to help keep your skin clear and radiant every day.

Quick Skincare Tips

Multi-Purpose Heroes

24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser for Dry Cracked Lips

Keep lips looking luscious and not lack-lustre by applying a nourishing layer under lipstick or overnight for an intensive treat. It also offers great protection for outdoor pursuits, helping to guard against windburn and soothe against sunburn

Body Silk Spray as tan enhancer or manicure/predicure finish

Keep your holiday glow and give tanned skin a silky luminous sheen. Start with a gentle exfoliation using our Skin Brush to remove dead cells and eliminate toxins. Then boost circulation with a cold blast of water before lavishing the skin with Body Silk Spray for an instant radiant glow. Newly manicured/pedicured nails look effortlessly healthy after a gentle sweep of oil to give a natural sheen finish.

Deeply Nourishing Body Cream for Stretch Marks & Scars

Used overtime the potent ingredients of Wild Yam and Soya Bean Oils can assist in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Essential Body Moisturiser for Flying, Pregnancy, Sunburn & After Shaving

We love the cooling actions in this soothing moisturiser. It's ideal for diminishing puffiness in weary legs, ankles and feet and makes it the ideal travel companion when flying or for fluid retaining pregnancy pins. It’s also deeply refreshing on sun damaged and recently shaved skin.

Essential Protective Serum - a base for Make-up and a post shave soother

Apply a small amount of Essential Protective Serum over your preferred moisturiser or serum to seal in essential hydration and give a naturally flawless-looking finish. It’s also wonderfully soothing on newly shaven sensitive skin.

Pink Hair & Scalp Mud for Irritated skin

Our most versatile product is not only sublime on hair, the calming watercress extract acts a deeply nourishing skin conditioner.

Shavemud as a nourishing Face Mask

So much more than a mere shaving product, our richly smooth Shavemud doubles as a deeply addictive cleansing and nourishing mask to leave your skin as healthy, supple and clear as you could wish. We’d suggest leaving it on for about 20 minutes, then wash off the last of it after shaving.

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Travel Tips

Essential Cleansing Gel as a shampoo

For those who like maximum freedom with minimal fuss, this practical wash is all you need when on the move. Simply pop the lightweight bottle into your gym or travel bag to enjoy all the benefits of a shower gel that can double as a shampoo, wherever you go.

Postshave Rescue/Purifying Tea Tree Gel for bites & stings

With its antiseptic properties and thyme extract that has long been renowned for the relief it can give from insect bites and stings, Postshave Rescue/Purifying Tea Tree Gel is the perfect formula for travel.

Invigorating Facewash as a lightweight shaving foam

For those who like maximum freedom with minimal fuss, this practical wash is all you need when on the move. Simply pop the lightweight bottle into your gym or travel bag to enjoy all the benefits of a cleanser that can double as a lightweight shaving foam, wherever you go.

Natural After Sun

If you happen to lightly burn exposed shoulders, apply your cooling & restoring Hydrating Cleansing Milk to those areas to reduce the heat and help to repair the harmful damage UV rays can cause.

In-Flight Refreshment

You can use your Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer on long or short-haul flights to refresh your skin and keep it hydrated.

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Turbo-Boost the Effects

Instant Relief: Soothing Eye Lotion

Anyone suffering from red, itchy eyes - either from tiredness, looking at a computer screen all day, or because of environmental factors - knows that Soothing Eye Lotion gives instant relief. But did you know that you can intensify its soothing powers by keeping it chilled in the fridge?

Intense Conditioning: Pink Hair and Scalp Mud

Applying Pink Hair and Scalp Mud before taking a bath or entering a sauna will help the product to penetrate and intensify the conditioning results.

Purifying boost for Essential Cleansing Mask

Essential Cleansing Mask is well known for its deep cleansing, calming and nourishing properties, and used on its own is ideal for calming sensitive skin. But adding a small amount of Purifying Tea Tree Gel to it will give deeper antiseptic and purifying properties for oily skin.

Exfoliating Boost for Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Combining Hydrating Cleansing Milk with Refining Skin Polish will not only give your skin a nourishing deep cleanse but will leave you with an infinitely brighter complexion in minutes.

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Lifestyle Tips for Clear skin

Drink Water for clear Skin

Remember to drink at least 2 liters of water per day for a clear skin and up your intake of vitamin c and e and essential fatty acids i.e. omega 3/6/9’s.

Enhance Energy Levels

Try to reduce your salt and sugar intake, this will allow the body to eliminate toxins more efficiently and help enhance your natural energy levels.

Daily Detox

Start your day with a hot water and lemon drink as this cleanses the system and aids digestion.

Healthy Snacks

Try snacking on rice cakes/dried fruit/nuts, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a small amount of your favorite naughty when necessary!!!!!!!.

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