New Year Reset: 4 Ways to Refresh, Reflect and Prepare for 2023

As the chapter of 2022 comes to a close, there is no better time for a new year reset. Once January has emerged, so too do the annual efforts to start off on the right foot. We come equipped with new exercise clothing, memberships, and Tupperware for a year of health, wellness, and saving unnecessary expenses via homemade meals. However, as we progress into the year and the over-indulgence of the festive season escapes us, we often slip back into our old ways. We return to pressing the snooze button and caving to our immediate desires. For one reason or another, new year resolutions are notoriously difficult to maintain. This is why at ESPA, we encourage you instead to learn how to reset for the new year.

Here’s your guide to a new year reset, with ESPA.

Find simple ways to refresh your home

It is often said that your environment shapes you. If your home has become one that is filled with clutter and lacking in inspiration, this can have a direct impact on your motivation and mood. However, there’s no need to start re-painting or investing in new furniture. Small changes lead to big results and in fact, there are many simple and subtle ways to refresh your home that can entirely refreshen the mind.

To refresh your bathroom

To begin, assess your current bathroom towels. Are they looking a little grubby and feeling rough? A simple yet impactful way to refresh your home is to upgrade the towels you use on a day-to-day basis. The delicate skin on your hands and body deserves crisp, cloud-like cotton to gently dry it. This simple change will elevate your entire bathroom experience, welcoming a spa-like quality into your home.

To refresh your bedroom

We’ve all experienced the enhanced night of sleep that occurs on a bed of freshly changed sheets. The opulent feeling of crisp cleanliness is one that’s hard to beat. For a new year reset, why not go a step further? With a 100% Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet to settle into, find yourself instantly anticipating the time to settle into bed. Perfect for those who want to take themselves from night owls to early risers, a luxurious Duvet Set and Sheet will transform your bed into a sanctuary for the perfect night’s sleep.

To refresh every room

No matter what room, adding a hint of aromatherapy can bring the space to life, one of the most instantaneous ways to refresh the home. Place an Energising Diffuser in the bathroom to revitalise the atmosphere as you get ready for the day. Light a Soothing Candle to cast a sense of calm in whichever room you find yourself unwinding in. From refreshing Eucalyptus and Peppermint scents to comforting Sandalwood and Rose Geranium, essential oils are a simple way to refresh your home and lift your spirits in a moment.

Try this journalling technique to refresh your mind

For many, the idea of journalling is an intimidating one. However, as one of the most effective ways to refresh your mind, the simplicity of journalling is a key part of a new year reset. At ESPA, we understand there are concerns about articulacy, creativity, and what to actually write. For this reason, we have created a wellness journal filled with useful tips and tricks to help you to keep on top of your self-care. It is a beside-table staple to house your notes and help support your goals while providing moments of positivity and gratitude to reflect on.

Try these questions to reflect on the past year

What’s more, use your journal to ask yourself questions to reflect on the past year. Ask yourself what new skills were learned and goals achieved. What did you enjoy the most and the least? Was there any particular moment that stood out among the rest? By asking yourself questions to reflect on the past year, you can envisage exactly how you would like your new year reset to play out. It is also one of the simpler ways to refresh your mind, allowing you to identify what you would truly like to continue to do, what you could do less of, and what you could prioritise.

How to reset your mood

How to reset your mood is certainly an ‘easier said than done’ type of task. However, you may find that slight changes can have a large impact on your overall sense of well-being.

  1. Firstly, as mentioned, breathing in scents from essential oils works wonders to uplift or soothe the mind as you carry out daily tasks. Whether it’s an energising Peppermint scent as you get ready for the day or relaxing Sandalwood as you come in from work, working aromatherapy into your day-to-day life can enhance those everyday moments.
  2. Secondly, there is the power of feeling rested. Although some may be grouchier than others, we must all admit that we can become irritable after a poor night’s sleep. A restful sleep regime comes hand in hand with increased energy levels and an elevated mood.
  3. Thirdly, we have gratitude and positivity. Focus your mind on the moments that you are grateful for by writing them down in your Wellness Journal. Doing this can help to reset your mood to be one that emits positivity.
  4. Finally, there is the underrated, simple act of smiling. When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides as well as endorphins which help to fight off stress and instantly reset your mood to one that is elevated and uplifted.

Rather than throwing yourself into weeks filled with exercise classes and early starts, focus your new year reset on your environment and mind, mentally preparing yourself for a refreshed start. With a new perspective, you may make those choices that will ultimately enhance your day-to-day living- not because your alarm tells you to, but because you choose to.

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