The Hydration Edit: Discover ESPA’s Hydration Favourites

Discover a comprehensive regimen for ultimate hydration with ESPA. Healthy, hydrated skin comes from inner and outer nourishment. ESPA offers the finest naturally active blends that present spa-level self-care for your biological systems– inside and out.  

ESPA nourishes holistically, bringing you hydration every step of the way. We moisturise and brighten, soothe and soften, and strengthen and smooth.  

We have expertly formulated powerful blends from nature to compose each luxurious product – from rich daily cleanser to whipped body butter to delicious dietary supplements.  

At ESPA, we celebrate that the body, mind, and skin are all inextricably linked. Glowing, supple skin and increased vitality go hand in hand. Now strengthened with the introduction of our newest offering, The Supplements Range, we are delighted to bring you total moisture with this crucial component in your journey to hydration. A key pillar of ESPA, supplements complete our holistic outlook. Nourish and hydrate every part of you. 

Read on to discover our Hydration Favourites for both inside and out… 

espa hydration shot

For Inner Hydration 

Hydration Shot Elixir 

  • A nutrient-rich liquid supplement for boosted hydration and healthy skin, featuring our blend of humectant super-naturals. Naturally flavoured with Grapefruit and Ginger, naturally sweetened with pure Stevia.   

Key Ingredients: 

  • Hydration Heroes: Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Coconut Water. ESPA’s humectant blend that harnesses the power of natural skin-saviours.  
  • Vitamin E, in our most biologically active form, protects cells from oxidative stress 
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) strengthens skin and hair 
  • Mix with water, juice, smoothies, yogurts, recipes and more  

ESPA hydration shot ingredients

For Daily Face Hydration 


Hydrating Cleansing Milk 

  • A gentle, creamy cleanser that removes make-up and daily impurities, while also comforting and hydrating the skin. 
  • Nourishes with Sweet Almond and Soya Bean Oils. Soothes with Marshmallow and Chamomile. 


Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh Mist 

  • Toner enriched with essential oils and flower waters for moisturized skin. 
  • Rose Damascena hydrates, Honeysuckle Flower Extract soothes and protects, Neroli replenishes for soft skin. 


Repair and Restore Intensive Serum 

  • A potent serum that helps soothe and restore skin’s natural moisture barrier. 
  • Wheatgerm protects, Inca Inchi Oil restores moisture, Canola and Wild Indigo protect and soothe. 


Balancing Treatment Oil 

  • Facial oil that helps balance excess oils and boost hydration, for skin that feels nourished with moisture.  
  • Lemon and Rose Geranium help purify, balance, and clarify, Rose Damascena soothes, Jojoba and Avocado Oils nourish for soft, supple skin. 

Face Extras: 

Isotonic Hydration Mask 

  • An instant burst of hydration for dull skin. A cooling isotonic cocktail of actives that leaves parched skin feeling hydrated, fresh, soft, and dewy. 
  • Featuring Spirulina Ferment, Vegetable Taurine, Guarana, and Active Nutrients & Mineral Complex. 

Skin Rescue Balm 

  • A nourishing balm to soothe, protect and strengthen dry or sensitive skin. 
  • Blackcurrant Seed, Balloon Vine, Manuka and Tamanu Oils replenish and calm skin. Sea Fennel restores and protects. 

For Body Hydration 

Body Smoothing Shower Gel 

  • Nourishing body exfoliator and foaming wash to refine, smooth, and soften. Gently buffs away dry, dead skin cells. 
  • Fragranced with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Yucca and Coconut cleansers refine and soften. 

Soothing Bath and Body Oil 

  • Nourishing bath and body oil. Moisturises and soothes skin with Sweet Almond, Coconut, Soybean, and Avocado Oil. Can be swirled into a warm bath or massaged into skin. 
  • Featuring powerful Soothing aromatherapy blend of Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, and Frankinsence to ease the mind and restore the body. 

Smooth and Firm Body Butter 

  • A rich body butter to help nourish, smooth, and tone. Leaves skin feeling soft, flexible, and supple.  
  • Hydrating Larch and Pumpkin Seed Extract help smooth while Rosehip, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E moisturise and nourish. 



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