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Happy International Day of Happiness! It may be a celebration you know little about but, since 2013, the United Nations has set aside March 20th every year to recognise the importance of being happy.

This year, the International Day of Happiness is shared with the official start of spring. And, while fresh snow may be surrounding so many of us (again!), there’s definitely something about the start of spring that is genuinely cheering and gets us more energised.

So, with a focus on doing things that make us happy, here are a few simple tricks our Senior Trainer Nicola Baillie uses to uplift her spirits, energise her day and ensure there’s always a spring in her step.

  1. A sunrise pick-me-up
    Enjoy a drink of hot water and lemon about one hour before you have breakfast. While also being a great natural cleanser, I find this really refreshes my mind and my body.
  2. Open up
    If the thought of rising early for some pre-work exercise fills you with dread, try this morning motivator instead. Spend just 15 minutes stretching your back – your Chakras are located along your spinal column, so doing this really opens the spine and helps realign your energies, awakening mind and body and helping you feel positive for the day ahead.
  3. Blissful breathing
    With its zingy and uplifting blend of pure essential oils, Energising Body Oil delivers a real awakening boost to your spirits. Warm a few drops in your palms then cup your hands you’re your face and deeply inhale the aroma. Repeat this 3 or 4 more times. To finish, massage the oil onto your wrists and backs of your ears (key pulse points), then into your décolleté – this ensures you continue to reap the benefits from this inspiring aroma throughout the day.
  4. Bring the outside in
    If you don’t have a garden view, take inspiration from spring and bring the outside in – I love how cheering daffodils are and they look beautiful on a desk, window sill or coffee table. Our busy lives make it so easy for us to focus on the future and plan ahead. As a result we almost miss the seasons. So be more mindful, ground yourself in spring, and let the sight of nature coming back to life fill you with optimism.
  5. Head outdoors
    The evenings are lighter and the weather will (hopefully very soon!) become milder. So take yourself out after dinner for a short 20-minute walk – it will really help stimulate your digestion and do your spirits so much more good than just sitting inside. When outside though, be sure not to just get your phone out… be mindful, look around you, listen for birds, breathe the fresh air, feel the evening chill on your skin. By the time you get back home, I guarantee you’ll be smiling.
  6. The power of routine
    We all need different amounts of sleep to function at our best. Tuning in to your body’s needs and responding with a good routine will do a power of good to how you start and end each day. Simply going to bed at a reasonable hour, feeling well rested when you wake and doing some stretching and breathing before you leave the house will help you feel in control, ready and optimistic about your day ahead.

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