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25 Reasons to Love ESPA

25 Reasons to Love ESPA
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Caring for skin, body and mind for 25 years, you shared the love now discover your 25 reasons to love ESPA.

  1. “I love ESPA products because they make me feel and look so much better than I have in years, I am over 40 and my skin is as good now as in my early 30's. It feels soft, supple and wonderful.” Trish HFacebook
  2. “My favourite product has to be the Pink Hair & Scalp Mud, my hair is so soft and it’s amazing how much it helps calm my eczema. I can’t stop using it.” ZoeelnInstagram
  3. “The products smell gorgeous, give great results and it's like having a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.” Bernice LFacebook
  4. “I love ESPA because there’s always something to help you out. My favourite is the shampoo, my hair is so soft and healthy after using it.” beckie_s_xoInstagram
  5. “I could not live without Fitness Body Oil and Optimal Skin ProSerum. Having Psoriasis I have to be careful what I use on my skin, but I have no issues with ESPA products.” JodielouisedInstagram
  6. “I Love ESPA because the products make me feel better. ESPA simply works - it treats mind, body and soul. Nothing compares.” Laura LFacebook
  7. “ESPA is the secret of eternal youth, or at least rewinds 10 years. Makes everyday a spa day too!” vintagefunkyInstagram
  8. “I love ESPA because your ingredients are incredible and make my skin feel irresistibly smooth so I can go make-up free.” theorganicfixTwitter 
  9. “Because every time I use ESPA my husband smells my face and says, "Oooh you smell so good!" He also secretly uses my body scrub.” clarabella6483Twitter 
  10. “I've been using ESPA for over 10 years now. Whenever I experiment with other brands I always end up coming back.” Elinor VFacebook 
  11. “ESPA are the only products to rescue my skin when I'm pregnant. Useful when you have 5 kids!” Yasmin AFacebook
  12. “I love all ESPA products. They’ve been life changing for me as I have Ichthyosis and Eczema, and are the only ranges that have improved my skin and boosted my confidence.” Poonam KInstagram
  13. “I love how the products can be both a luxury and a treatment solution for the skin! They’re also very simple and clear to use and do what they say on the packaging.” laurennjaneeInstagram
  14. “I love the products because they’re gentle and work so well for my skin. They’re a true gem in the skincare world!” lacey_rhoadesInstagram
  15. “The smell is incredible and remains all day. My hair and skin are in much better condition since using ESPA.” Jenny ETwitter‏
  16. “Because for 25 years you have consistently made me feel good every day!” Tina STwitter
  17. “The products are heavenly and sort out every skin woe I have ever had! nmdubbss‏, Twitter
  18. “I love ESPA products due to the natural ingredients used. It’s one of the only brands I’m not allergic to.” Sandra MFacebook
  19. “Natural ingredients that make your skin feel and look amazing.” Julie SFacebook 
  20. “I was introduced to ESPA whilst working in a spa and just fell in love with the products. I love that they’re unique and I find the science behind it fascinating.” marshmalloww91Instagram
  21. “I love ESPA because no matter how stressful life gets, the amazing scents instantly make you calmer and feel more relaxed.” stacey682Instagram
  22. “Because the quality of ESPA products are amazing and you know you're getting the best - give fab results and leave you feeling good.” Jessica JTwitter‏
  23. “Fresh and clean and actually works.” Lorraine HTwitter ‏
  24. “I love ESPA because the products and treatments have helped me deal with a lot of anxiety in my life these last few months.” Wendy GFacebook
  25. “I love ESPA because for years I have searched for the spa feeling at home! ESPA makes me make time for me.” modern.nelipotInstagram
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert
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