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Cashmere Bed Socks

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Discover ESPA's range of cashmere bed socks. Made with 100% cashmere, these socks are made to be exquisitely soft to enhance your comfort and warmth. At the end of a long day or after a relaxing bath, step into the luxurious feel of the high-quality material and feel your feet be enveloped by coziness, a simple yet exquisite piece of self-care. Choose between the specially designed ribbed or cable-knitted finish and step into a heavenly night’s sleep with these luxurious cashmere bed socks. With all the work they do, the feet deserve to be pampered too.
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Why ESPA Cashmere Bed Socks?

ESPA's cashmere bed socks are made with 100% cashmere to ensure that your feet are treated to the highest quality of comfort and warmth. With a specially designed knitted detail, these socks exude luxury while being a simple yet exquisite way to practice self-care.