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Luxury Pyjamas

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Discover ESPA's range of luxury silk sleepwear. Made with 100% petal-soft silk, these decadent, gentle pyjamas will help you to slip into a luxurious and soothing night’s sleep. Our Freya ensemble exudes elegance and comfort. The graceful long-sleeved pyjama shirt with opulent mother-of-pearl style buttons features pockets for convenience and style and is paired with flowy, relaxed pyjama trousers that feature a comfortable elasticised waistband and a gentle drawstring tie. Indulge your body in this timeless silk sleepwear that exudes luxury. Whether you choose the elegant moonlight grey or majestic claret rose shade, the high-quality sleepwear will keep you cool and refreshed with breathable qualities to support a heavenly night’s sleep.
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Why ESPA Luxury Pyjamas?

ESPA's range of silk sleepwear is made with 22 Momme silk of the highest quality and has been crafted with a timeless, elegant, and classic design. The graceful shirt and relaxed trousers boast inherent properties of silk keep you cool and refreshed to support a heavenly night’s sleep.