What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

We’ve all experienced the dread that comes with tossing and turning during the night. All you want is sleep, but for some reason or another the body has a mind of it’s own. Whether it’s due to pressure at work, extra cups of coffee or late dinners, that restless feeling until the early hours of the morning gives a sense of helplessness. When counting sheep becomes futile, it’s time to search elsewhere for a restoration of calm at night. More and more people are wondering how to use a weighted blanket for this exact purpose.

Keep reading to discover what the benefits are of a weighted blanket and how it can guide you on your path back to a deep, restful sleep.

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What is a weighted blanket?

Let’s begin with asking the question: what exactly is a weighted blanket? Well, it’s a blanket, but one which is filled with beads to make it heavier and provide a relaxing therapy of gentle pressure. This gentle pressure applied by the extra weight means that some of the benefits of a weighted blanket include contributing to the improvement of sleep, mood and relaxation. ESPA’s weighted blanket is filled with soft polyester and glass beads to evenly cocoon you as you rest but also features a grey, quilted design so will look luxurious in any room, wherever you like to relax.

What does a weighted blanket do?

Do you find your mind races at night? Perhaps you suffer from a chronic pain or a sleep disorder? There are many things that can affect our sleep, some are obvious while some more ambiguous. However, a bad night’s sleep is detrimental to everyone and can cause a ripple effect- increasing stress levels and leading you to replace soothing herbal teas with double shots of intense caffeine.

The benefits vary from person to person but ultimately how a weighted blanket works is to put an end to the vicious lack-of-sleep cycle. Imagine waking up on a cold, winter morning snuggled under the weight of heavy covers. That feeling of calm and peace is a taster of what the deep pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket can do for your nervous system.

What a weighted blanket does is give you a big, comforting hug, backed by science. According to Healthline, one of its primary uses is for the treatment of anxiety as it may help to calm your heart-rate and breathing. It’s also known to give a sense of relief to those dealing with chronic pain.

How does a weighted blanket work?

A weighted blanket works by providing pressure from the extra weight to act as a form of deep pressure stimulation. Deep pressure stimulation is when pressure is applied to the body so that it switches from its sympathetic nervous system, also known as the “fight or flight” system, to its parasympathetic nervous system. We live in a fast-paced world with constant access to negative news stories and social media. It’s no surprise that we find ourselves in our sympathetic nervous system most of the time.

That is why now more than ever, we are seeking that benefit of a weighted blanket that soothes us back into the parasympathetic nervous system at night. According to, “the more the parasympathetic system dominates during sleep, the more your body is able to recover and the more resources you have for the following days and tasks.”

Weighted blankets may also stimulate the production of serotonin to boost the mood, reduce cortisol to lower stress, and increase levels of melatonin to help you sleep.

How to use a weighted blanket

  1. The first piece of advice on how to use a weighted blanket is to choose one which is cozy, calming and approximately 10% of your body weight. This means that it will provide the right amount of pressure to relax. ESPA’s weighted blanket comes in four different weights, from 4.5 to 11.5kg. Take a look at the Body Weight Calculator to estimate the perfect one for you.
  2. Replace your current duvet with your new weighted blanket or use them both for extra warmth. If you choose to use both, the weighted blanket can be placed either on top or below your duvet.
  3. Use half of the blanket over your legs for the first few days to let your body adjust. If you find yourself getting too warm, take a look at your night-wear. Are you wearing heavy, cotton pyjamas? The combination of both may be causing you to overheat. Try pairing your weighted blanket with some breathable Silk Pyjamas to keep you cool and refreshed.
  • Once you think you’re ready, start covering your entire body from your shoulders down to your feet.
  • Lastly, To get all of the benefits out of a weighted blanket, implement it into a peaceful nighttime routine to ensure you use it consistently. Allow your body to relax and know that it’s time to settle down. Light a soothing candle as you cleanse and brush your teeth to set a tranquil tone and dim the lights as it comes to the evening time.
  • Now that you know how to use a weighted blanket, you’re on the way to a full, restful night sleep. For more tips on how to settle into bed, take a look at ESPA’s Expert Sleep Tips On YouTube.

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