Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

With wedding season upon us, the bridal couple are finding themselves occupied with the last minute details of their big day. Meanwhile, their guests are more concerned with organising outfits, babysitters and of course, the wedding gift. Gift-shopping is never easy and finding wedding gifts for couples who have everything proves a very difficult task. To take some pressure off your shoulders and lend you a guiding hand, here at ESPA we have compiled a list of unique wedding gifts for those couples who seem to have everything. From blends that fill a room with a sense of positivity to a luxurious touch of silk added to their bedtime routine, these are the thoughtful gifts for newlyweds that will not go unnoticed.

Aromatherapy Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

The first of this extensive list of gifts for newlyweds is, of course, a candle.

candle and notebook on side table

Make a grand gesture with a brightly-scented 1kg Positivity Aromatic Candle. Infused with ESPA’s Positivity Signature Blend, a spirit-lifting combination of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium with a vibrancy hint from Bergamot and Sweet Orange, this hand-poured candle is the perfect gift to set their new adventure off on the right foot. A truly unique wedding gift for a couple who has everything.

Alternatively, you could opt for a smaller version with a soothing blend to cast a sense of calm over their space. Following the excitement of the wedding, this deeply relaxing blend will help to slow their busy minds and bodies for a greater sense of peace. Using a warm, peaceful aroma that combines Myrrh’s mellow notes with comforting Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense, this candle will provide them with the comfort they’ll be craving after an action packed few days.

An Uninterrupted Night’s Sleep

An irreplaceable gift for couples who have everything is undoubtedly a long, uninterrupted rest. During the summer months it can be difficult to benefit from a well-deserved night’s sleep with the sun creeping through the blinds in the early hours. ESPA’s 100% Silk Eye Mask will block out unwanted light and keep the newlyweds looking elegant, even in slumber. In the bridal shade of Pearl White, gifting each half of the couple with this elegant eye-mask is a gesture that will undoubtedly be appreciated.

silk pillowcases and eyemask

If you want to really go the extra mile, add two of ESPA’s Oxford Edge Silk Pillowcases to the gift. In a shade that perfectly matches the masks, this pillowcase will instantly transform their bedroom into an elegant oasis where blissful dreaming awaits.

The Gift of Wellbeing

Nothing quite trumps the gift of good health. In fact, as gifts for newlyweds go, this certainly would make the top of the list. Unfortunately, this gift is one that is not for sale. What you can get for the couple who has everything, however, is the gift of wellbeing. ESPA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is designed to harness the unique harmonising power of aromatherapy to nurture their wellbeing. The diffuser’s ultrasonic vibrations humidify the atmosphere and disperse their choice of precious natural essential oils, releasing the perfect amount of fragrant vapour into their home. They can choose the scent to match their mood, whether they want to wind down and relax, improve their focus, lift their spirits or lull themselves to sleep.

One of the Cozier Gifts for Newlyweds

Nothing quite beats coming home to a cozy environment after a long, tiresome day. Gift the newlyweds a luxurious 100% Lambswool throw to wrap up in on colder days or when that extra bit of comfort is especially needed. This throw is not only to provide warmth and a sense of rest with its soft to touch texture, it is also an impeccably stylish addition to a room. This beautifully woven throw with a stylish tasselled edge is made in a soft cream colour and features delicate embroidery of the ESPA Monogram, perfect to drape across their living room chair or bed.

The Every-Day Necessities

Finally, why not gift the happy couple with something you know they’ll use every day? Turn their bathroom into a haven of peace with ESPA’s Bergamot & Jasmin Hand Collection. This luxurious duo transforms the task of handwashing into a sensorial experience that will nourish and soothe the hands. The wash and lotion are designed to soften, replenish and protect hands and nails, while delicately omitting a fragrance of ESPA’s classic Bergamot and Jasmine scent.

Pair it with ESPA’s Energising Diffuser to fill their bathroom with a blend of the uplifting oils needed to brighten those morning routines that take place in the early hours.

For couples who have everything, finding a wedding gift can be quite a task. They may already have the personalised wine glasses, the charcuterie boards and cutlery sets. However, the gifts that transform monotonous tasks to sensorial experiences and add elements of luxury to every-day routines are often the unique ones that are most appreciated. For those who have everything, gift a treasure they haven’t thought of yet, with ESPA.

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