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Stay Protected this Summer

Stay Protected this Summer
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert7 years ago
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In the summer we all want to be outside more. Whether that’s at the park, beach or pool with friends and family, at this time of the year it’s even more important to stay protected.

With many of us not as cautious as we should be, we’re over exposing ourselves to the sun’s harmful UV rays, leading to premature skin ageing and damage such as pigmentation and increased risk of skin cancer. It can also damage eyesight too.

Although you should be applying an SPF like our Optimal Skin ProDefence SPF15 all year round, looking after your skin health is so much more than just applying an SPF regularly. To help keep you protected this summer, here are our tips on how to stay safe in the sun.

  • It may seem obvious, but make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. What’s more, keep a bottle with you at all times.
  • Try to keep out of the sun between 11am – 3pm. If you’re by the pool or on the beach however, take plenty of breaks under a parasol or in the shade.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Insect repellent can weaken SPF protection, so wear a higher SPF if you’re prone to bites or in an area known for mosquitoes.
  • We all want to stay fit throughout the summer, but when the temperature soars, stay safe and avoid extreme physical activity.
  • We’ve all experienced the discomfort of burnt feet from walking on scorching sand, so be careful of reflective surfaces such as water and sand as they increase UV exposure, meaning you can catch sun and burn more easily.
  • Be careful of high altitudes. In the summer, sun intensity at high altitudes can be anywhere from 40 to 50% greater than at sea level.
  • Understand the UV index. This is the amount of skin damaging UV radiation expected to reach the earth's surface at the time when the sun is highest in the sky (about midday).
  • Don’t forget your hair needs protecting too. Affected by the sun just as much as your skin, braid hair where possible, use an SPF spray or apply a leave in conditioner such as Pink Hair & Scalp Mud to protect against chlorine, salt water and UV rays. If you forget or don’t have these to hand however, wet hair before entering chlorinated pools to ensure it doesn’t absorb too much chlorine.

However, if you’d like to achieve a natural looking tan the safe way and avoid the potential of anything listed above, our Gradual Tan Face Concentrate and Gradual Tan Body Moisturiseradapts to your natural skin tones to gradually develop a tan that’s perfect for you all summer long and all year round!

Caro Dooling
Writer and expert
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