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New Inner Calm Treatments Launch

New Inner Calm Treatments Launch
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert6 years ago
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In celebration of our exciting brand evolution, we’re delighted to announce the launch of two new treatments for salon and spa.

As the speed of life becomes ever more chaotic, we find mindfulness and inner calm play an important role in maintaining equilibrium for both physical and mental health.

Helping you unwind a busy mind, let anxieties slip away for a renewed sense of positivity with our Inner Calm Massage and Mindful Massage - incorporating breathing and visualisation techniques.

Inner Calm Massage

A deeply relaxing and balancing aromatherapy treatment for mind and body, the Inner Calm Massage uses a specially selected blend of oils specifically tailored to help you find your inner calm.

Quietening the mind, releasing physical tension and nourishing the skin, this 60 or 90 minute holistic, rebalancing treatment begins with a carefully chosen aromatherapy blend to luxuriously help you relax, detox or energise your whole system.

Using guided inhalation and breathing techniques to help slow breath – releasing stress and anxiety, mind and body are brought back in balance. With the body relaxing into a warm neck pillow, an eye pillow is placed over eyes before a full body massage begins for a state of complete relaxation.

A calming scalp massage follows before Rose Quartz Crystals are gently massaged over the third eye and forehead to rebalance the body, restore a sense of focus and create inner calm.

Mindful Massage

Intensely calming and clarifying to mind and body, you’ll be guided through breathing and visualisation techniques during this 90 minute treatment.

An indulgent experience working on the concept of mindfulness focusing on both the mind and body, the Mindful Massage helps to reduce stress and unwind a busy mind.

Massaging the metamorphic zones of the feet to rebalance and begin this ritual, a heated neck and warmed eye pillow start to melt away tension before a soothing, therapeutic massage is continued up through the whole body – finishing with a re-energising scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals.

The Mindful Massage aims to help you feel ‘more in the present’, reducing stress and promoting relaxation and positivity.

To book a treatment or find a spa or salon near you, visit our ESPA Finder for more.

Caro Dooling
Writer and expert
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