Multimasking, what’s that?

Why use one face mask when you can use two … or three. You’ve most likely seen images floating around social media featuring women posting their face mask selfies and tagging them #multimasking, but what does it mean and how do you do it?

A skincare trend designed to address your key beauty woes in one fell swoop, Multimasking saves you time, offers desired results quickly and easily, and can be performed in the comfort of your bathroom.

Relieving a congested T-Zone, hydrating dryness and lifting, firming or illuminating your complexion.

Multimasking provides the ultimate base for whatever products you have to come, helping you get the very most out of your facial oil, serum or moisturiser – allowing them to perform better.

So whether you’re looking to achieve a radiant boost for an event or evening out, or just to have a clean, make-up free day, we break Multimasking down so you too can maximise your little piece of indulgent me time.

How to choose a mask?

Separating your face into the areas you want to focus on, choose masks that address those concerns.

For example, pick hydrating masks for dry or dehydrated cheeks, neck and décolleté – these are usually creamy in texture and can be washed off or wiped away.

Select clay masks for areas of congestion – your T-Zone for instance and apply to your forehead, nose and chin.

Or choose a firming or lifting mask if you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles. These can be applied to the forehead, brows and temples.

Our Combinations

Balance and Brighten

Essential Cleansing Mask is great for the T-Zone. Made with Kaolin Clay, Rose Geranium, Rose Damascena and Marshmallow, apply to the forehead, nose and chin for a shine free complexion.

Pair up with, Skin Radiance Mask. Designed to revitalise and renew your skin, add to cheeks and let Mulberry, Bearberry and Pumpkin Enzymes counteract uneven skin tone and dissolve dull cells for clean, fresh, radiantly softer looking skin.

Combination Skin Saver

Using Essential Cleansing Mask once more on your forehead, nose and chin.

Combine with Overnight Hydration Therapy For tired, dehydrated skin types. Containing plant extracts, marine actives and essential oils, apply to cheeks or areas of dryness to feed your skin with vitamins and minerals.

Firming and Brightening

Great for maturing, stressed or dehydrated skin, apply Lift & Firm Mask to your forehead, chin and jawline for a freshly toned complexion.

Pair with Skin Radiance Mask once more, applied to cheeks.

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