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How-to: Take Care of your Eyes

How-to: Take Care of your Eyes
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or as you’re about to step out of the door for a night out, not much beats seeing refreshed, bright eyes looking back at you in the mirror. Yet, while we instinctively take time looking after the skin on our face, we often cut corners when it comes to our eye area. Combine this with the not-so-good habits in our modern lifestyles and we’re often left facing a number of common eye problems – dark circles, puffy eyes, dryness, sensitivity and premature lines.

Step forwards our expert therapist trainers with their best morning-til-night-time advice for overcoming your eyecare woes and enjoying smooth, radiant and rejuvenated eyes.


A bright start

While dark circles can be caused by genetics, bone structure, allergies or sun damage, it’s generally our busy lifestyles that cause this all-too-common problem. A long, stressful day, working late at your computer, disrupted sleep, a poor diet and too much caffeine… we’re all guilty of overdoing things. And because the skin around our eyes is so thin, here’s usually the first place to show the effects.

So, if you wake to dark circles, alleviate the signs with Lift and Firm Intensive Eye Serum and Lift and Firm Eye Moisturiser. Both hydrate stressed skin, which diminishes shadows, but the real magic in both these intensive eye treatments comes from Golden Root, an incredible plant active that visibly brightens and rejuvenates eye contour.

Too much of a good thing

Just as a rich body butter would be too much for your face, face creams can also be too heavy for the eye area. The skin around your eyes will absorb any moisture you apply… and too much will make this area appear puffy and swollen.

Avoid this by using only a grain of rice-sized amount of an eye-specific serum and/or moisturiser. Lift and Firm Intensive Eye Serum contains Microalgae to hydrate, lift and firm, while24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser is formulated with antioxidants Vitamin E, Jojoba and Evening Primrose, which perfectly hydrate and protect skin.

It’s all in the technique

We often refer to facial massage as our therapist’s secret weapon and the same goes for how we apply our eye products.

During a facial, you’ll perhaps notice your therapist gently tapping in the formula around the eye contours, working gently from the inner brow outwards, around and then beneath the eye. Not only does this help stimulate lymphatic drainage, but it also lightly presses the formula into skin without the need to drag your fingers over the area – meaning the fine skin around your eyes stays protected, smooth and free from deep lines.

Screen-time stresses

Whether it’s computer screens at work or our phones back at home, the more time we spend looking into blue-lit screens, the fewer times we blink and the more weary, dry and sensitive our eyes become.

Pick them up in an instant with Soothing Eye Lotion. Dampen a cotton wool pad with the lotion and sweep over the eyes or, better still, leave on for five minutes to relax the muscles, calm puffiness and generally revitalise.

“Soothing Eye Lotion is my skin staple. I keep it in the fridge (for extra cooling benefits) and pop some cotton pads soaked in it on my eyes for five minutes. No more puffy, irritated eyes!”Nicola Baillie, Senior Trainer

Expert tip: Often easier said than done but, while at work or home during the day, staying hydrated will work wonders not only for the skin around your eyes, but your wider wellbeing too. Try to have just one coffee a day (without milk, if possible) and make sure you drink two litres of water (in the form of herbal or fruit teas or an infusion of lemon, cucumber or berries).

Gently does it

If we consider the skin on our face to be like a normal sheet of paper, the skin around our eyes is like tissue – so sensitive touch and care is a must. Avoid undoing the good work from your eye moisturiser by using a harsh make-up remover in the evening.

Bio-Active Eye Cleanser has been specially formulated with Moringa and Coconut Extracts to gently sweep away make-up with light movements, working inwards. No dragging necessary!

Expert tip:After a busy day, it’s during the evening when our good intention may slip. Try to avoid processed food and refined sugar during mealtimes and you’ll soon clearly see the rewards in your eyes.

Wind Down

Keep dark circles, dry skin and red, sensitive eyes at bay by getting 7-9 hours’ sleep each night. For a further brightening boost, make eye health part of your night-time prep and you’ll not only sleep better thanks to soothed, comforted eyes, but you’ll also wake to refreshed, smooth skin by morning.

Whether you opt for some cool cucumber slices or enjoy a straight-from-the-fridge compress with Soothing Eye Lotion, commit to just five minutes and your eyes will thank you in beautiful style.

Expert tip: Start thinking about sleep at least one hour before you head to bed. Avoid watching TV or using your phone (do you really need that one last look on Instagram?) and let your mind naturally slow, calm and enter a state of relaxation. If you’re find it hard to wind down due to too much energy, try some earlier evening exercise to use up some of that excess.

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Caro Dooling
Writer and expert
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