Best routine for Dry Skin

For those of you with dry skin, your complexion can often feel dehydrated, tight and altogether weary.

With other areas of concern too, such as fine lines, breakouts and pigmentation, we’ve devised a skincare routine to help aid you in your quest for calm, supple, healthy looking skin.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is the primary build block of cells, so help your body by drinking 2 litres of water a day. Not only will drinking more help you feel hydrated, it will also flush toxins from your body, aid digestion and help that all important skin cell renewal.


Using our Hydrating Cleansing Milk followed by Hydrating Floral Spafresh will provide a gentle, yet effective, cleanse. And because both are so mild, acne-prone skin will also benefit from gentle Chamomile to help calm, comfort and soothe and replenishing Neroli for softer, supple skin.


Exfoliating regularly is important for dry skins, as this encourages vital cell turnover and smooths flaky or uneven areas of skin. Our Refining Skin Polish is a gentle exfoliating facial cream containing nourishing Rose Damascena and Shea Butter to soften, refine, smooth and revitalise the complexion.


In general richer, thicker, creamer moisturisers are best as a long-term solution for dry skin. Here our 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser deeply replenishes and helps delay the early signs of ageing.

Containing Myrrh, Frankincense and Neroli to stimulate cell renewal, Vitamin E-rich Peach Kernel Oil, Evening Primrose and Jojoba create soft, comforted and supple skin.

However, if you feel your skin could do with a little more, a face treatment oil under your moisturiser is the way to go. Leaving your skin silky smooth and deeply hydrated, our Replenishing Face Treatment Oil, applied under moisturiser, will leave your skin smooth and beautifully radiant.


An intensive moisturise once or twice a week will help ward off dryness. This can be done by adding a thicker layer of your usual moisturiser and leaving on for an hour or two before removing the excess, or using a specific treatment mask like our Overnight Hydration Therapy.

A bestseller, essential vitamins and minerals work overnight to feed your skin so you can wake to a smooth and visibly energised complexion.

In essence be kind and gentle to your skin with a good routine that layers products correctly, and you‘ll be in good stead to achieve the complexion you desire.

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