Embody Summer’s Radiance

Soak in summer bliss with ESPA and glow with the sun’s radiance. Discover summer serenity, at home or a warm-weather getaway, with ESPA’s Summer Edit.

LED + Nano-Dermabrasion Tri Active Treatment

A complete approach to skin health with our innovative​

TriActive™ LED facial treatment.​

Designed to enhance your skin’s own natural rejuvenation process and complement ESPA’s naturally powerful formulations, the LED Light Therapy Treatment produces clinically proven results for a profound improvement in the skins appearance, texture and tone.

LED + Nano-Dermabrasion Active Nutrients Treatment

Restore radiance, refreshing your skin and mind to glow with vitality.​

This invigorating nutrient-rich treatment embraces ESPA’s holistic approach to restoring radiance, nourishing your skin and your mind to glow with vitality.fficiently and effectively

ESPA Active Nutrients Advanced LED Facial Bar Treatment

The combined power of ESPA active nutrients and The Light Salon LED light therapy treatment creates a collaboration which offers rejuvenation and a restoration of balance to the most fatigued complexions and moods.

The Light Salon Facial Bar delivers the advanced LED treatment in spa relaxation lounges and sociable open settings, allowing your treatment alone in a moment of mindfulness or alongside a friend or loved one.