N is for...

N is for...

Our unique exclusive potent age defying complex uses Natural Encapsulation Technology (NET) to deliver a unique blend of ten powerful natural active ingredients in their purest, most concentrated form, for up to eight hours. Includes Himalayan Fleece Vine, rich in Resveratrol, renowned to help prolong the skin’s vitality and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Carnosine helps firmness and elasticity, while Liquorice Root helps calm redness, minimise the appearance of age spots and enhance radiance.

Key Ingredient in: 

Lifestage Stage Release Eye Moisturiser

Lifestage NET8 Serum

Lifestage Stage Release Moisturiser

A carefully purified active extracted from arguably the most highly prized Asparagus, hand-picked first thing in the morning to preserve its active content. Its unique cleansing mechanism at a cellular level helps reduce visible signs of skin ageing.

Key Ingredient in: 

Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

The essential oil of the bitter orange flower is better known as Neroli. It requires over one tonne of petals to produce just one kilogramme of essential oil, which are all hand picked just as the dawn has dried the morning dew from the delicate blossoms. Subsequently it is one of the most expensive and precious essential oils. In aromatherapy it is used for soothing, uplifting, relaxing. Neroli is particularly useful for dry or sensitive skins.  

Key Ingredient in: 

Hydrating Floral Spafresh

24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

Replenishing Face Treatment Oil

Gradual Tan Face Concentrate

Age-Rebel Eye Hydrator

Neroli essential oils reduce stress and achieves inner calm. 

Key Ingredient In

Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome Moisturiser