Why we love ESPA

Growing from a small, family run business to the international success it is today, ESPA has always been a warm, welcoming home to all its employees – old, new, past and present. A caring family, here are some of the reasons why we here at ESPA love the brand so much:

“I love the warmth that ESPA emanates. The branding, the message, the products and services and the people behind it – it feels as organic and natural as the ingredients in our products. Everything comes from a good place, which is why I think it’s so easy to fall in love with ESPA.” Cat EmmettMarketing Assistant

“ESPA has been a part of my life and extended family for 20 years now. Our level of care, attention to detail and quality control is extraordinary and it’s evident in every product, treatment and spa we create.” Tracey ChappellESPA Senior Vice President – Global Spa Solutions

“I’ve been working for ESPA for over 9 years now and can honestly say I am yet to find a brand that meets all of my skincare needs like ESPA does. I first discovered ESPA in 2007 when a friend introduced me to Pink Hair & Scalp Mud. I instantly fell in love.” Charlotte SnowSenior Customer Service Executive

“I first fell in love with ESPA at the age of 5 or 6 after seeing the wonderful effect it had on my mother. This inspired her to study aromatherapy as an adult and myself to train as a beauty therapist in my late teens. ESPA’s philosophies are built into my life and have a special place in my heart.” Zoe GrahamBusiness Manager – London, National Sales

“It’s been over 10 years since I began working for ESPA and I love the products as much today as I did when I was first introduced to them by a wonderful ESPA Trainer on my first week!” Ellie LaneHuman Resources

“I remember Sue (Harmsworth) arriving at the private beauty college I was working at, sweeping in the drive in her red Jag with her sunglasses on her head! I fell in love with ESPA and Sue at that moment and can’t imagine the last 20 years or the next 20 years without them both in my life.” Janie LewisSenior Account Development Manager

“I fell in love with ESPA about 14 years ago when I first started as a therapist at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. I still remember using the products for the first time and some of my favourites then are still my favourites now.” Nicola BaillieSenior Training Associate

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