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What is the Best Skincare Routine for Men

What is the Best Skincare Routine for Men
Josie Wilkins
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The world of skincare is constantly evolving. Thanks to the multitude of information and advice at our fingertips, cleansing routines are becoming more specific, advanced, and diverse. Why is it then, that the average skincare routine for men is being left behind?

Beauty advice has historically been targeted at women. As skincare technically falls into the beauty category, men have not received the same amount of guidance and knowledge when it comes to the influx of new ingredients and scientific formulas on the shelves. However, here at ESPA we believe the time has come for everyday skincare routines for men to reap the benefits of the advanced products available today.

Keep reading for ESPA's guide to the modern-day skincare routine for men.

 What should a man's skincare routine be?

So, what should a man's skincare routine be? Unfortunately, the answer is not simply a splash of water and some all-in-one moisturiser. Although men's skin is thicker and tougher than women's, it still needs to be treated with the same care. It shouldn't be rushed or discarded. A man's skincare routine should be a winding-down part of the evening or a refreshing kick-start to the day when done correctly.

In fact, since many men shave their faces, men's skincare routines oftentimes require even more care than usual. Shaving the face puts stress on the skin and can cause in-grown hairs, irritation, and blemishes without the right regime. So, let's take a look at what a man's skincare routine should be with a men's face shaving guide.

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Men's Face Shaving Guide

Step One: Wet a Cotton Cleansing Cloth with warm water and press onto the face, allowing the steam to open up the pores.

Step Two: Apply the Dual-Action Shavemud all over the face before shaving to soften the hairs and allow the razor to glide onto the skin for a comfortable, close shave.

Step Three: Post-shave, cleanse the face with two pumps of the ESPA Invigorating Facewash. Wash off the residue with cold water to close the pores.

Step Four: Gently press two pumps of the Postshave Rescue onto the face and neck and smooth into the skin until fully absorbed to cool and calm the skin post-shave.

Step Five: Around the eyes is where the first signs of aging can occur. Therefore, gently tap an Eye Hydrator from the inner brow outwards, around and beneath the eye to reduce the appearance of fine lines and protect this area of delicate skin.

Step Six: Finally, once the face is soothed and smoothed, you can begin to target any skin concerns you may have with a specific moisturiser. For example, establish whether your aim is to maintain a youthful appearance, balance your skin's oil production, or restore hydration to your skin's surface.

What skincare products should men use?

Next, let’s take a look at what skincare products men should use.


How should you freshen your face at the start and end of a day? The first clue is that it does not involve a bar of soap or hygiene wipes, which unfortunately are not uncommon in an average skincare routine for men. The first skincare product that every man should use is a cleanser. Cleansing your face is important to both remove the accumulation on the skin throughout the day and control the excess oil. A bar of soap or baby wipes may strip away your skin’s natural oils and throw off your skin’s pH balance, resulting in dryness, breakouts, and even premature aging.

Eye Cream

Following a cleanser, the next skincare product that men should use is an eye cream. As mentioned previously, the skin around the eyes is particularly delicate for everyone and is, therefore, one of the fastest areas to show signs of aging. Paying extra attention and care to this area with a hydrating eye cream will work to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, bags, and crows-feet that add years to the appearance.


After these two essentials, the next skincare product that every man should use needs to be suited specifically to you. Your skin may be craving hydration, or perhaps you find your skin getting particularly oily throughout the day. Make sure you understand your skin type and following that, choose a moisturiser that is suited to it. Moisturisers lock in instant hydration to your skin’s surface which relieves the skin of tightness and dryness, often calming it of any redness and irritation too.

Shaving Kit

As mentioned in our men's face shaving guide above, shaving requires extra care to prevent irritation and skin blemishes. An obvious skincare product that men should use is a clean, sharp razor. Apart from this, a shaving mask works to improve the razor glide for a smooth finish and a post-shave gel soothes and calms the skin.


Finally, the skincare product that everybody should use before leaving the house, is always SPF.

Once an effective regime has been established, the world of skincare loses its complex and daunting element. A man's skincare routine does not require lengthy steps or multiple products. It can be kept short and sweet. However, what matters is to use products that will protect and care for your skin as you go about your day-to-day business. Discover ESPA's range of skincare for men today.

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