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Get the most out of your ESPA products with these quick tips from our expert therapists. Find out which products have surprising multiple uses, which ones are travel essentials and how to boost the effects of your favourite products. You can also pick up some easy lifestyle tips to help keep your skin clear and radiant every day.

A Balm for Dry Cracked Lips

Keep your lips looking luscious by applying a nourishing layer of Skin Rescue Balm under lipstick or overnight for an intensive treat. Pop in your handbag for protection on outdoor pursuits – helping to guard against windburn and soothe against sunburn.

Long-haul Complexion Saver

A nourishing overnight treatment mask, for those who fly frequently Overnight Hydration Therapy also works wonders to keep skin deeply hydrated in-flight. Protecting skin against recycled air and the change in time zone, apply before your flight and by the time you land your skin will be left beautifully luminous and rejuvenated.

Toner and Make-up Fixer

For a gorgeously dewy glow, mist Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer over your finished make-up look as an instant refreshing hit – leaving you looking radiant and healthy.

Stretchmarks and Scars

Used overtime the potent ingredients of Wild Yam and Soya Bean Oils in our Deeply Nourishing Body Cream can assist in diminishing the appearance of stretchmarks and scars.

Intensive Conditioner for Irritated Skin

Our most versatile product, Pink Hair and Scalp Mud is not only sublime on hair, but the calming Watercress Extract acts as a deeply nourishing skin conditioner too – helping to ease skin conditions, irritations and sunburn. It’s also a beautiful moisturiser for babies too.

Shavemud as a Face Mask

So much more than a mere shaving product, our richly smooth Dual-Action Shavemuddoubles as a deeply addictive cleansing and nourishing mask too – leaving your skin healthy, supple and clear. Leave on for 20 minutes before shaving and splashing off.

Hydrating Cleansing Milk as an After Sun

Not just great at cleansing, Hydrating Cleansing Milk can be used as a super cooling aftersun, a lotion for mild skin irritations, an exfoliator when mixed with Refining Skin Polishfor sensitive skins and is even great for babies.

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