The Explore Series | Part Three – The Great Outdoors

It’s no coincidence that we tend to relax when we return to nature. Our bodies instinctively respond to seeing natural surroundings, reducing the release of the hormone cortisol, which in turn lowers our levels of stress.

Louise Westra, Naturopath at The Spa at Gleneagles, Scotland

Louise Westra, Naturopath at The Spa at Gleneagles, Scotland

While many of us now live in urban settings, for millennia we lived far more rurally. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that returning to nature – whether the beach, mountains or countryside – will help us feel happier and more settled. It’s our body’s inherent response… nature naturally reduces the release of the hormone cortisol, which in turn lowers our levels of stress.

Though the weather may not always be predictable, the United Kingdom is home to spectacular beaches, incredible peaks and some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet.

We all know how exercise can improve self-esteem and mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and ward off fatigue and depression. It isn’t simply the release of endorphins that cause these responses though. Studies have shown that enjoying ‘green exercise’ in one of the many parks, commons or woods on our doorstep (when compared to exercise in non-natural settings) can reduce the risk of poor mental health and bring about considerable psychological gains. It’s time to get outdoors!

Take to the great outdoors at Gleneagles Resort

Spa Inspiration | Gleneagles Resort, Scotland

When it comes to escaping to nature, few places can better Gleneagles. With its 850 acres of rugged wilderness, feel physical and emotional wellbeing return as you hike through majestic mountains and glens, horse-ride through enchanting forests or simply enjoy the inspiring views as you hit the golf course.

Our new Strength and Resilience Massage

We Recommend | The Strength and Resilience Massage

Take your restorative journey at Gleneagles a step further with our new Strength and Resilience Massage. Launched in April 2018, this revolutionary resilience boosting massage personally tailors a combination of yogic stretches, aromatherapeutic oils, and foot, back and head massage to release muscular tension, support your immune system and help you rediscover a sense of wellbeing.

Inspired by the arduous migration of the painted lady butterfly, discover more about this transformational treatment in our dedicated blog.


At Home | Stay strong with Thymus Tapotement

The thymus is an organ located in the thoracic cavity just behind your sternum. It plays a vital role in helping your immunity by producing white blood cells that protect the body from infection – and tapotement helps stimulate this production further.

Nicola Baillie, ESPA Senior Trainer

Nicola Baillie

Nicola Baillie, ESPA Senior Trainer

Featuring in our new Strength and Resilience Massage, thymus tapotement is an effortless yet effective way to help calm anxieties, improve breathing and strengthen your immunity. Perform each morning to energise mind and body, before exercise to invigorate, or late afternoon to overcome lethargy. Read our step-by-step blog to find out how.


Revive body and mind

Used in our Strength and Resilience Treatment, Muscle Rescue Balm is ideal to ease hardworking muscles at the end of an active day, while also reviving and restoring mind and body.

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