The Explore Series | Part Six – A mindful journey

The pressures of our 24/7 connected lifestyles have initiated a rise in new health and wellbeing issues. In every corner of the earth, people are increasingly turning to alternative holistic lifestyle solutions – mindfulness in particular – to sleep better, relieve stress, improve digestive health and, importantly, enhance quality of life.

A cornerstone in our philosophy, mindfulness is simply learning to be in the now. Through it, we tune in to what our bodies are feeling and experiencing – with powerful results for both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Nizuc Spa by ESPA, Mexico

Spa Inspiration | Nizuc Spa by ESPA, Mexico

The Mayans were masters of mindfulness, constantly observing their surroundings to understand the meaning of life. So where better to reflect, reconnect with nature and rediscover focus, positivity and energy than the gateway of the Riviera Maya…

Nizuc Spa by ESPA, located on an area once sacred to the ancient Mayans, shares the ancient Mayan story in every corner of the resort. Secluded and serene, traditional Mayan stone, wood and water elements along with lush, natural foliage, form the raw backdrop to your Mayan-inspired mindful therapy.


We Recommend | The Mindful Facial

Combining expert-led breathing and visualisation techniques, warm herbal poultices, Rose Quartz Crystals and, of course, pure-yet-powerful ESPA formulas, this holistic and re-balancing facial will help you discover inner peace and re-establish a positive spirit while you soothe, nourish and restore skin’s natural beauty.

Nicola Baillie

Nicola Baillie, ESPA Senior Trainer

At Home | Discover your own mindful moment

Nicola Baillie, Senior Trainer, shows how simple it really is to include a little mindfulness into our daily lives. This easy exercise, will help you discover a more conscious awareness of your body and its surroundings, relaxing your breathing and muscles, and clearing negative clutter and anxiety from your mind.

  • Pick an activity that is part of your daily morning routine, such as cleansing your skin, shaving, or taking a shower. With an attitude of openness and curiosity, completely focus attention on what you are doing: the touch, smell, sight, sound and so on.
  • For example, when in the shower, notice the sound and temperature of the water and the new weight of your wet hair, notice how your shower gel feels against your skin, and the smell of it – try and acknowledge each note of the fragrance, one by one.
  • When distracting thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and let them pass by. Again and again, thoughts will surface. Gently acknowledge them and bring your attention back to the present.

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