Skincare in your 20s | The Best Skincare Tips for Your Age Range

Skincare in your 20s

We’re all prey to adverts telling us what skincare we should use, but it can be hard to decipher exactly which products are best and when exactly to use them – especially when you’re in your 20s. We asked our founder Sue Harmsworth, who shares with us some of her expert tips on skincare in your 20s.


The first question to address is which skin concerns should you focus on in your 20s? When it comes to skincare in your 20s, the truth is that less is more, unless you have serious skin concerns – and to put it in perspective, only about 4% do.

At this age your immune system needs to be allowed to do its work naturally. Using anti-ageing products is not advisable as they’ve been formulated for older, more hormonal skin.

The problem is, if you use anti-ageing products on younger skin you run the risk of making it needy in the long-term and actually speeding up the ageing process, rather than slowing it down. This is because anti-ageing products contain very active ingredients, which aren’t needed and could cause, rather than relieve problems.

In addition to anti-ageing products it is also advisable to steer clear of over-stimulation (such as exfoliating too much) and procedures (such as microdermabrasion and strong chemical peels) as they’re far too harsh for younger skin.

If you have serious acne, the best thing would be to consult a dermatologist and work with them to find a solution.


If you have oily skin the more you stimulate it the oilier it will become, so it’s better to concentrate on calming and balancing your skin at this age. Our Balancing Foaming Cleanser is a richly foaming facial wash to clear, cleanse and soften and doesn’t contain SLS.

If you have drier skin you should gently exfoliate, but no more than 2-3 times a week. Daily moisturising is essential too, partly because of the environment we live in. Our Hydrating Cleansing Milk is great for this age range as it’s an effective gentle cleanser to soothe and hydrate, while reducing redness and sensitivity.

Hydrating Cleansing Milk and Essential Cleansing Mask

Skincare hero Optimal Skin ProSerum has fantastic results on all skin types and ages and includes Balloon Plant extract to calm, comfort and even skin tone.

Our Essential Cleansing Mask works really well on younger skin as well, as it helps to draw out impurities, balance oil and nourish the skin.

If you would like more information about the best skincare in your 20s for your skin type, or about our products, visit our ESPA Finder to find a spa or salon near you – alternatively uncover your skin’s unique characteristics with our online consultation, Skin Expert.

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