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Autumn Skincare with ESPA

A summer of makeup free days, suncreamed noses and tan lines is now over and the harsh weather has begun. We’ve often spoken about the importance of changing your skincare throughout the year as the seasons change and your skin changes condition. With the dramatic change in temperature after a scorching summer, your skin is most likely feeling the effects as much as your mind and wardrobe is. To lend a helping hand now we have entered Autumn, here are our top recommendations for products that will save your skin from becoming dull, dry and red.

A Gentle Cleanse To Avoid Irritation

Nourishing Balm.

The last thing you want in this weather is to further irritate delicate skin. This balm is is for skin that is very dry, so will also prevent your skin from getting to this stage. It has beeswax as a base to nourish and give it it’s balmy texture, which transforms with water into a rich cream. Apply straight on top of makeup for a deep cleanse and massage in using circular motions. Rose stimulates circulation to plump skin and leave it smooth and supple.

Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

If you are suffering from really dry, sensitive and sore skin from the windy weather, use the Hydrating Milk instead. A light cleanser and moisturiser brimming with rose and chamomile to comfort the skin. It is 100% natural so won’t irritate damaged skin, but will add an injection of moisture rather than harshly stripping skin of impurities. Soothe redness for a clear, calm complexion.

Close Your Pores To Environmental Damage

Hydrating Floral Spafresh.

This toner is perfect for skin in the colder months as it will relieve the tight sensation you experience after too much exposure to cold. With rose and neroli essential oils to brighten the complexion and give a rosy, healthy glow, this is the perfect toner to relax both skin and mind. A light texture mimicking water gently refreshes the skin, avoiding further irritation, while soothing and calming. 

The 3 R’s: Replenish, Revive and Refine

Replenishing Range.

For dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, the Replenishing Range is the one for you. It includes a light oil and moisturiser to keep your routine simple, quick, and allow your skin to breathe.

The Replenishing Face Treatment Oil is full of sandalwood, neroli and patchouli to replenish and protect the skin by strengthening it’s natural moisture barrier.

The Replenishing Moisturiser is designed to go on top of your serum. It contains Vitamin E as an antioxidant, and frankincense and myrrh essential oils to replenish damaged skin. It has also been scientifically proven to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours to reveal beautifully soft and hydrated skin.

For quick and long lasting relief on intensely dry patches anywhere on your body, try the Skin Rescue Balm. Infused with Manuka and tamanu oil, this revolutionary product is designed to repair and protect stressed skin. It can be applied topically on your face, hands, elbows, heels, blisters, burns or any areas of concern. It can also be added into your serum or moisturiser for a lighter application.  

Refining Skin Polish.

This super fine exfoliator gently buffs away dead skin cells to reveal a healthy glow. Infused with rose oil and shea butter, it adds a natural glow to an otherwise dull complexion while spherical diatomaceous earth particles gently clear congested pores.

If your skin is dry, use this 2-3 times a week. If your skin is oily, use this less so as not to overstimulate sebaceous glands and cause breakouts. Exfoliating your skin increases your blood circulation, meaning blood rises to the surface of the skin and it becomes plumper and tighter. See a visibly brighter and more even skin tone, radiating health.

Deep Hydration

Overnight Hydration Therapy.

A nourishing product that does what it says on the tin, hydrates dry skin overnight while also being therapeutic and aiding sleep. Encapsulated lavender works to ensure you achieve a restful nights sleep and awaken feeling relaxed, restored and recharged. Massage into your skin until the formula turns white, which is the lavender being released, then simply head to bed. When you sleep your skin cells regenerate, this products works with your circadian rhythm to ensure you don’t stay up for hours feeling stressed, anxious or overthinking.  Awaken with smooth, hydrated skin that is protected against environmental elements.

Don’t Forget Your Tired Body

Resistance Body Oil.

Your body may be covered up by your clothes during the colder months, but it still needs a little attention. Try the Resistance Body Oil which boosts and safeguards the bodies immune system to help reduce your chances of falling ill as it is infused with eucalyptus. Most people get ill at this time of year due to the changes in pace and temperature, so help yourself to avoid this as best as you can. This oil also protects and purifies your skin as it is infused with tea tree, a natural anti-bacterial ingredient. Rebalance your senses with the scents of sweet orange, rose geranium, lavendar, palmaose and sweet almond oil, all working in harmony to tone, calm and deeply nourish skin leaving it beautifully soft and smooth.


After using these products, your skin will stay clear and glowy when the weather is not. Don’t let Autumn ruin your confidence.

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