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How-to: The Key to Beauty Sleep

Imagine a beauty treatment that could actually boost your immune system, revitalise cell renewal and rejuvenate your skin, while you just relax and dream a little dream. Then imagine it’s completely free. That’s sleep – in a nutshell.

But how can you make sure you’re making the most of it, and ensure that it’s effective? Here our experts have a few suggestions to help you take advantage of nature’s most powerful beauty treatment.

Get up to Sleep Better

It might seem counter-productive, but if you’re tossing and turning our sleep experts recommend getting up and leaving the bedroom for a few minutes before returning and trying afresh.

The simple addition of a notebook by the bed can allow you to go back to sleep safe in the knowledge you won’t forget what’s on your mind.

Lights Out

That’s all lights – not just the conventional ones. ‘Blue Light Stress’ is the name given to the way those little halos of light that emanate from computers, tablets and, of course, phones can diminish sleep quality and even wake you up.

For deeper, uninterrupted sleep, we recommend removing as many digital devices from the bedroom as you can. If you want to go for the full blackout, why not try an old-fashioned lights-free alarm clock?

Eat to Sleep

It’s widely known that a heavy evening meal, eaten late, affects sleep quality. There are, however, some foods that will help your body relax and get the best possible night’s sleep.

Magnesium-rich foods in your evening meal such as dark leafy vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, pulses, seafood, avocado or dark chocolate will act on your nervous system to help switch it from active mode to rest and digest.

High Hopes

Dopamine is a chemical produced by the brain that reduces anxiety and enhances feelings of pleasure, focus and calm. To optimise this natural high, put apples, watermelons, almonds, natural yogurt, beans, eggs and meat at the top of your shopping list. But watch out for excess sugar, caffeine and stress, all of which can suppress dopamine production.

And, Soothe

Our Soothing range of Soothing Bath OilSoothing Body OilSoothing Reed DiffuserSoothing Candle and Relaxing Salt Scrub allow you to fill your space with comforting aromas to actively de-stress your body and calm your mind, ready for when your head sinks into the pillow.

See our home spa ritual on how to use these products to aid a restful night’s sleep.

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