How-to: Spa Secrets

Make the Most of your Day

Planning a trip to a spa? Here’s our no nonsense guide to making the most of your day.

Do your Research

Whether you’ve been gifted a trip or treating yourself, once you’ve booked your chosen spa, make sure to do some research into their grounds and facilities.

More important than you think, planning well in advance will help you make the most of all there is to offer. If you’ve gone to unwind and relax what else, other than your treatments, can you do to really maximise this?

Is there a gym, pool, sauna and steam room? Will you want to use any of these on the day? Is lunch provided or do they have a restaurant? If so, will you need to book in advance?

You’ll then be better able to bring everything you’ll need for the day – gym and pool wear, toiletries for a shower and comfortable clothes to return home in for example.

Your Spa Day

On the day of your trip, arrive ahead of time.

If you’re not intending on using the facilities, arrive 20 – 30 minutes before your treatments to allow time to sit, relax, grab a drink and take in your surroundings. If you’ve rushed in or late, you won’t be able to enjoy the experience as much, as well as impact on the others that follow you.

If you do want to use the facilities, use them before your treatment. This is really important. Not all facilities are appropriate after your treatment and also mean you’ll lose the benefits of the treatments you’ve just had.

An expensive way to end the day, adding tension in newly relaxed muscles and washing away beneficial oils and moisturisers, all your therapist’s hard work will be undone the moment you step into the pool.

Therefore, arriving a good 1 – 2 hours before your treatment begins will leave you time to experience the pool, steam room, sauna etc. and prepare both body and mind for the experience it’s about to receive.

Top tip: Bring your Pink Hair and Scalp Mud along with you and apply under a swim cap before you swim. You’ll then be able to benefit from the heat the steam room or sauna will provide for maximum nourishment to your hair.

Don’t Runaway Home

A step a lot of people forget, make time to use any relaxation rooms available after your treatment and don’t run home straight away.

Enjoy that post-treatment feeling and don’t rush. You’ll maximise the results of your massage or facial if you see it as an extension of your treatment.

Once you’ve worked out your body and eased and soothed your mind, take the opportunity to refuel with something healthy. Most spas have healthy menus available, so spend some time catching up with the people you came with or some reflective time for yourself over a light lunch or snack.

Above All – Keep Hydrated

Spas are warm places by nature, but with dehydration, a high possibility after a swim, sauna, steam room and toxins released after treatments – make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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