How-to: Pre Holiday Skincare for Face and Body

Whether you’ve neglected your skin throughout the colder months and are holidaying at home or flying off to warmer climates, whatever time of year you jet off it’s always good to prepare your face, body and mind for your onward adventures.

Here we share a few simple tips to ready you for fun in the sun.


Exfoliate everything. From head-to-toe buffing those dull, dead and tired skin cells away will not only leave you with a radiant and smooth complexion, but will also allow your oils, serums and moisturisers to perform better.

For your face, using the Refining Skin Polish, smooth over damp skin and lightly massage in circular movements to reveal softer, clearer skin.

Not forgetting your body, you have a couple of options or both.

Skin Brushing

The ultimate body preparation, dry skin brushing helps smooth skin but also tackles the appearance of cellulite.

For best results, use our Skin Stimulating Brush before you shower – using gentle circular movements brushing towards the heart. Make sure to use soft sweeps so as not to over-irritate the skin or cause redness.

Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs can be used to stimulate circulation and promote cell renewal, encouraging glowing skin from the inside out. As well as helping moisturisers absorb better, our scrubs also calm the mind with soothing aromas.

Using once to twice a week, stirring the formula to mix well, apply on damp skin in gentle circular movements, concentrating on dry areas such as the elbows and heels.


Moisturising is your integral step. Deeply nourished and hydrated skin will not only look beautiful when you tan, but will also keep it from drying or peeling once you return.

Keeping up your skincare routine with your chosen ESPA oil, serum and moisturiser, consider ramping up your regime with Overnight Hydration Therapy  or Skin Rescue Balm as a treatment mask.

For your body, restore and rejuvenate skin after exfoliation with a deeply nourishing moisturiser. Smooth and Firm Body Butter contains Larch extract to help firm and smooth, while Pumpkin Seed extract enhances elasticity and helps diminish the appearance of stretchmarks.

Combine this with our Optimal Body TriSerum, a powerful skin treatment full of Omega oils, plant, marine and essential oil extracts to even skin-tone and boost collagen, to give you super soft, smooth and supple skin.

Book a Treatment

To help get you in the mood and feel ready for your trip – as an added layer of holiday prep, why not treat yourself to an ESPA Detoxifying Algae Wrap. Find your nearest ESPA Spa or Salon on the ESPA Spa Locator

Helping to improve circulation and speed up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, your body and mind will be eased and made ready to fully embrace your downtime.

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