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How-to: Create your own Facial

In need of an ESPA facial but don’t have time to visit a spa or salon? Want a skincare treat in the comfort of your bathroom? Transform your nightly skincare routine once a week with our rejuvenating home facial ritual and promote beautifully, radiant skin.

Follow our step-by-step guide for a weekly piece of ESPA heaven.


Deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Key in order to remove dull skin cells and optimise the absorption and potency of your ESPA products, when exfoliating avoid the eye area and gently massage into skin, paying particular attention to any dry areas, before rinsing off with warm water.

Follow with a refreshing and revitalising spritz of your choice in Spafresh.


Every therapist’s secret weapon, massage your skin to stimulate circulation and promote a healthy glow. For this, warm a few drops of your facial oil in the palm of your hands. Cup over your nose and inhale the aroma for a few seconds.

  • With firm pressure, place your hands on both cheeks, then one hand on your forehead and one on your chin
  • Slide hands up your décolleté and neck, and work in small upward circular movements to spread the treatment oil over the rest of your face up to your hairline
  • Use the index finger and thumb on both hands to gently pinch the jaw line – repeating all the way along
  • Massage your cheeks in upward circular movements
  • Starting at the inner brow, use your index finger and thumb on both hands to gently pinch along both brows
  • Using your ring finger, very lightly circle inwards under the eye from outer to inner corner. Repeat twice
  • With both middle fingers – crisscross in firm strokes up the centre of the forehead from the bridge of your nose to your hairline. Repeat a few times
  • Finally, using small circular movements, massage your forehead, working from the centre across to your temples. Finish by applying light pressure for a few seconds to each temple to ease tension and release


Add your chosen mask to face, neck and décolleté and apply Soothing Eye Lotion to two damp cotton wool pads before resting on your eyes.

Lie back and relax for at least 10 minutes.

Remove the mask with a warm face cloth or damp cotton wool, and revive your skin with a spritz of Spafresh.


To target specific concerns, place four drops of your chosen serum onto your fingertips and warm.

Place hands on cheeks – then one hand on the forehead and one on the chin to apply. Slide hands up the décolleté and neck and quickly spread over the rest of the face.


For the gentlest application, place an eye product of choice onto both ring fingers and warm.

  • Beginning at the inner eyebrow place product to the end of the brow and continue under the eye towards the inner eye area.
  • Continue to circle the eye area until the product has absorbed.

Then, place your chosen moisturiser onto finger tips and warm.

Place hands on the cheeks, then one hand on the forehead and one on the chin to apply. Slide hands up the décolleté and neck and work in small circular movements spreading the product over the rest of the face.

Allow your skin ten minutes to embrace the goodness of the extracts before retiring to bed.

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