The ESPA Vision

2020 marks a new era of ESPA. Almost 28 years after the signature Tri-Active™ blend was created and lovingly blended into our wealth of decadent products, the first ESPA Spa was opened and the first few clients began to achieve natural beauty and inner calm, ESPA are now continuing their evolution, reinforcing our expertise as a premium, natural spa and skincare brand.

We have decided to make this change to reflect the desire for more sustainable brands, and to clarify our range categories as we noticed that many of our loyal customers found our range architecture confusing.

While the quality, luxury and love that goes into every single product and treatment remains uncompromised, the new modernised style of ESPA has evolved to become even more useful and eco-friendly for our clients across the globe.

So, what’s new?

In 2020 ESPA’s new brand monogram takes centre stage, proudly emblazoned on new products and packaging. The monogram revisits ESPA’s brand heritage, returning to a recognisable and powerful stamp of approval within the spa industry. As worldwide leaders in luxury spa and skincare, the new monogram is a sign of excellence, ensuring the customer that they will get the highest quality products, exceptional results and memorable experiences during their personal journey with ESPA. This is a new expression marking the next generation of ESPA, through our design, our core ranges and our new products, yet still stands true to the heart and the heritage of ESPA. We have also updated the classic ESPA logo. We believe that this change reinforces our natural position statement, “Natural Beauty, Inner Calm”.

ESPA has always been focused on the importance of naturality, as the power of natural ingredients lives at the heart of all products and practices. The monogram subtly nods to this as the lines twist and turn to create the letter E, forming a leaf shape. This leaf symbolises ESPA’s commitment to our ‘Natural Beauty, Inner Calm’ philosophy, as well as ensuring that all customers feel naturally beautiful in skin, body and mind.

We are also introducing a new design of packaging. This new look for ESPA allows us to streamline our product categories in a way that is still beautiful and premium, with the objective of making our ranges easier to navigate for every customer. It is a much higher quality design that still reflects our core beliefs and the luxury of EPSA. The holistic belief that natural is best, and the desire to provide the world with exception spa treatments and products that have both instant and long-term benefits, still drives ESPA today.


As a response to the ever-growing demand for more sustainable packaging, ESPA have evolved and are continually implementing changes to become an even more environmentally-friendly brand. As a natural brand, sustainability, protecting nature and supporting the planet is close to our heart, and we have already made significant steps on our journey to becoming a more ethical brand. For example, the change to 2-in-1 bodycare for some of our products reduces the amount of waste, and the removal of product leaflets within most product cartons also reduces paper consumption. This is the first step on our journey.


As the desire for natural skincare, clean beauty and vegan products continues to rise, we wanted to help our clients quickly and easily navigate the often-confusing messages coming from the industry around these key concerns. ESPA is a brand with a rich heritage for uncompromising integrity and quality, we have decided to introduce 4 independent certifications helping clients quickly and confidently identify the key values which are important to them when selecting skincare and wellbeing products. These certifications are; Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, FSC and COSMOS Natural. These certification logos will begin to appear gradually throughout 2020, due to the lengthy certification processes. Currently, there are products that are Vegan and Vegetarian certified, but this label is not yet on the product box. We want every client to trust that ESPA has their very best interests at the heart of everything we do, introducing these certifications will further reinforce this trust.


Our tubes are now made from 25% recycled PCR material. We are working hard to achieve a higher grade of PCR material across all our non-recyclable packaging. We continue to work towards fully recyclable packaging wherever possible. In addition, our carton packaging is sized to fit the product, and we have removed all leaflets to reduce the amount of packaging we use.


There are currently lots of variations and interpretations of the word “natural” in the beauty industry. ESPA is and has always been a natural brand with natural formulations, and we want to celebrate this with you.

We want to let our clients see more of ESPA, from the way we source our ingredients and manufacture our products, to more details on our world-renowned spas that all epitomise ‘heaven on earth’. As a brand, ESPA will be telling you more stories about the creation of the products and treatments that you love so dearly.

We are sure that you have already noticed a change in our Home Fragrance packaging, our 2-in-1 Positivity products and more. We are working on continuing to roll out this change through our samples, haircare and men’s products next year. ESPA has made the decision to hold off on rebranding these products as there are significant amounts of products left and we are conscious of the environmental impact in not using up these beautiful products. This new change in brand direction is a gradual process, an evolution that we cannot achieve overnight. However, we thank you for your patience as this change is rolled out worldwide, across spas and stores both near and far.

Our values and philosophies will always stay the same.

Whether clients use our products in the comfort of their own home, or within the sanctuary of the spa, ESPA still endeavour to ensure that everyone feels the difference in their skin, body and mind when they use a product from ESPA. Our mission is to help people look and feel their best, have naturally beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm, and this promise to you will never change.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Associate Product Manager