Defy Age – Our top tips for Maintaining Youth

Life is a forward journey, every day, month and year adds to our experiences, so it makes no sense to wish we could reverse our steps. We may not be able to stop time, but with nature’s help, we can challenge its negative effects – boosting hydration and elasticity, smoothing lines, softening wrinkles and reviving radiance.

While skincare ensures we can look our best at every age, here we suggest a few other ways to maintain your youth.

Face Gym

Anyone who works out expects visible results –and it stands to reason to expect to see the same lifting and toning benefits from facial exercise. Our therapists swear by the beneficial effects of facial yoga to help tighten slackened skin, boost circulation and firm things up a bit.

To tone the neck and jaw line, try:

  1. Tilt your head towards the ceiling and look upwards
  2. Press your lips together tightly
  3. Hold for 10 seconds and relax
  4. Repeat 10 times

Eye, Eye

With fine, delicate skin, the eye area is the first to start telling your age. Essential you handle with care, never drag eye lotion or cream. Instead dot around the eye socket and pat in very gently, working from the outside in using the lighter pressure of your ring finger on both hands.

Keep quantity to a minimum – if you use too much the eye area will over-absorb, causing it to look puffy.

A great way to treat fine skin around the lips as well as any frown lines too, use Lift and Firm Eye Moisturiser for intense results

Polish and Layer

One of the best ways to care for maturing skin is to layer one formula over another. Oil pressed into cleansed skin, layered under a mask for the night or a serum layered under moisturiser. It all works to intensify the natural actives in our formulas.

For optimum results, exfoliation will sweep away any dead cells leaving skin free to absorb the rich formulas deep down.

Try using Nourishing Cleansing BalmRegenerating Face Treatment Oil or Lift and Firm Intensive Serum and the Lift and Firm Mask to see for yourself.

Fat Fiction

The right foods can slow ageing from the inside out. One of the most essential nutrients in this process is fat. Contrary to popular belief fat is not ‘the enemy’, in fact, it’s vital to human health – the major component in cell walls and the brain itself.

Fat’s age-defying qualities go deeper than our looks – good fats support brain function and hormonal balance too. So, show your body some love and stock up on nature’s youth-enhancing, healthy fats –found in avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts, seeds, eggs, coconut and oily fish.

Ageless Beauty

With passing time collagen and elastin naturally diminish. There are many ways to help replace what nature spirits away and our Lifestage collection will help nourish, hydrate, lift and firm.

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