Christmas Traditions with ESPA

ESPA’s Comfort and Joy Gift Collections were designed to inspire nostalgia and fondness for Christmas traditions and childhood memories. This year, reminisce amongst loved ones over familial traditions, and even create some joyful new ones.

Christmas Eve Box

This is a modern tradition, one adopted by many parents yearly. Why not do this for the whole family and include a game, new pyjamas, a DVD that you can share together over a warm drink, or a face mask to ensure you look your best for Christmas morning photographs and soothe you to sleep.

Our Beauty Sleep gift features the bestselling Overnight Hydration Therapy. This wonder product not only makes your skin look clear, radiant and supple, but it also helps you sleep when you are full of excitement. An intensely hydrating overnight treatment mask leaves your complexion replenished and radiant, giving you confidence on Christmas day. Chicory Root Extract helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function, while a pure blend of Essential Oils calms an excited mind. Making this the perfect Christmas Eve mask, Encapsulated Lavender gently releases soothing properties to aid a restful night, before an early start and a day full of laughter and happiness. 

Make Christmas even more interactive and exciting for your family by hanging this luxury festive keepsake in the tree.

The scent of Christmas

Every Christmas Eve, families from all across the world gather together, snuggle up and turn on the most festive of films. Make sure your children grow up with this memory by setting the tone with a festive scent. Try one of our new aromas, from Black Spruce and Vetiver to Ginger and Pink Pepper, to envelop your home in happiness. Light a candle, turn on your tree lights, and let the magic commence.

Read our blog to learn more about our festive fragrances, and why scents can trigger memorable events.

We hope you have a happy, healthy, and restful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.



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Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Associate Product Manager