Sensitive and Sensitised Skin Facials

Comfort red, inflamed and sensitive skin and calm skin sensitised by environmental aggressors. An ESPA sensitive skin facial provides immediate relief from inflamation and irritation, and improves micro-circulation to reduce skin flushing, redness and rosacea-like conditions. Advanced sensitive skin-care techniques such as a cooling rose quartz crystal face massage, and soothing lymphatic massage calms, soothes aids skin recovery. With sensitivty reduced, skin appears visibly healthier.

Sensitive Skin Facials

De-Sensitiser Facial

Calm and hydrate your complexion with this deeply soothing facial.

Ideal for irritated or sensitised skin prone to redness and heat flushing, this comforting facial uses gentle cleansing and light lymphatic massage alongside delicately soothing formulas to re-hydrate dry, tight skin, calm high colour and leave skin balanced, nourished and beautifully refreshed.

Includes: Facial cleanse – Gentle exfoliation –Facial massage – Scalp massage

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