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Sue Harmsworth: Why I love ESPA

We asked you and our ESPA Experts, and now we’ve asked our founder Sue Harmsworth. Here we find out why Sue loves ESPA.

I was thinking about this the other day – thinking what would happen if ever I didn’t have ESPA and why I love what I do. ESPA is part of my life, it’s my baby – I can’t live without it.

I don’t use anything else as it’s an absolute part of who I am and how I live – my house, the smell of my bedroom. I’ve got reed diffusers everywhere.

I’m a great believer in rounded formulas and to me the sensuality, smell and texture of a product is as important as what it actually does…My own skin is testimony to 30 years of using them.

If you break it down into maintenance, prevention and age-defying, the range has evolved as I’ve evolved. Our anti-ageing and age-defying products have come as I’ve aged, so it’s organically moved through my life.

So if I’m exhausted or even if I’m just tired, doing the ESPA routines at night anchor me. It’s quite interesting when I travel, the most important thing to travel with for me, are my products.

Wherever I am, whatever hotel room I’m in, my products anchor me back and keep me grounded – and it’s because of the smells and familiarity. I have a huge emotional attachment to them.

When you look at the ingredients too, everything that’s coming through about mindfulness and the power of the mind, the emotional side, cellular renewal, antioxidants and the whole anti-pollution side of things we see today, have always been built into our products and that’s why I love ESPA.

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