Modern Alchemy At-Home Rituals

Modern Alchemy fuses ancestral wisdom, sacred rituals and revered ingredients with powerful actives, harmonising therapies and transformative results to create something truly precious. A deeply sensorial collection of restorative rituals that realign the delicate balance between skin, body and mind, a luxury to cherish in today’s modern world.

Try incorporating these at-home rituals into your routine with each corresponding product.

The Cleansing Milk

Mindful Purification Ritual:

Deeply rooted in both ancient and contemporary cultures, purification ceremonies are often performed to neutralise negativity, usher in fresh energy and rejuvenate the spirit. While purification rites call on many different techniques, the use of water to cleanse the body and mind is regarded as one of the oldest of these spiritual traditions.

Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for your ritual.

  • Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for your ritual.
  • With your senses fully engaged and your attention totally focused on what you’re doing, use your hands to gently smooth The Cleansing Milk in circular movements over dry skin, breathing slowly and deeply to inhale the nurturing aroma.
  • When the water begins to flow, step under the shower. With openness and curiosity, notice the sound of the water, its temperature and the sensation as it rains down on your body.
  • As the water moves over your skin, notice how the cream transforms into a rich milk and observe its colour and texture as it rolls away. The precious essential oils are released and react with the steam from the shower to envelop you in the grounding aroma. Notice the fragrance, its various layers and their effect on you.
  • Rather than a cloth, use your hands to wash yourself; the intimacy creates a stronger connection between your body and mind. Without judgement, move your fingertips and palms slowly over your skin giving each part of your body deserved attention and gratitude.
  • Thoughts will naturally cross your mind as you shower. Acknowledge them and let them come and go like clouds passing in the sky bringing your attention back to the present moment.
  • While the warm water washes away any impurities, let it also wash away your fears and concerns; consider it a release, a letting go both physically and metaphorically of the things that no longer serve you making your shower an enriching experience that cleanses and soothes not only your skin but your spirit too.

The Purifying Polish

Awakening New Beginnings:

  • Begin your journey by focussing your intention on this ritual. View it as your opportunity to start anew and achieve your desires.
  • Starting with your right foot, apply The Purifying Polish to dry skin using a smooth motion and continue up the front and back of your leg, noticing how the texture changes as it moves and buffs. While your hands travel over your skin, believing your affirmation to be true, begin reciting your chosen mantra slowly and deliberately, visualising it as you say it. Infusing these statements with optimism and being specific and emotive will make them more powerful.
  • Smooth up the right side of the abdomen move out across the right side of your décolleté and down your right arm, continuing with your affirmations.
  • Do this several times before repeating the movements, this time on your left foot and travelling up the left side of your body, abdomen, décolleté and finishing with your left arm, giving each word in your affirmation significance and meaning before it settles in your mind.
  • When you have completed your affirmations, rinse away the polish under a shower of warm water or, for a more deep cleansing mask, leave it on your skin for 10 minutes.
  • This invigorating ritual uplifts the mind, stimulates circulation and leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing with luminosity.

The Anointing Bath and Body Oil

The Body Ritual:

Adopted by ancient civilisations across the world as a means of connecting with higher powers, the art of anointing has a long spiritual history. Its ability to soothe, nurture and revitalise remains just as relevant today. From pulse point meditations, bathing and inhalations to body, scalp and foot massage, explore how you can use The Anointing Oil as the basis for your own rituals.

In a quiet, comfortable space, close your eyes and set your intention for this calming ritual. Using long firm strokes, apply The Anointing Oil to your body, taking deep breaths and slowly inhaling the soothing aroma as your hands travel down over the skin – adding more oil to nourish and smooth as you need it. Finish with your feet, lie on your back and cover your body with a towel or warm blanket ready to guide yourself through this colour visualisation, a powerful exercise we can perform to improve our mental and physical wellbeing:

  • Let your body relax. Visualise your muscles and joints softening, your shoulders loosening.
  • Relax your face, eyes and forehead, your jaw and throat.
  • Imagine a colour, the first one that comes to mind… or a favourite one.
  • Imagine that colour swirling in front of your eyes, vibrant and strong.
  • With your breathing relaxed and deep, bring that colour into your upper body.
  • Feel it at the back of your eyes, clearing your head and soothing your thoughts.
  • Feel it travelling down your neck, into your shoulders and down your arms into your fingertips, relaxing your muscles.
  • Imagine it filling your abdomen…soothing, clearing.
  • Imagine your colour swirling through your ribs, into your lower back and hips, releasing your joints, creating more space for your energy to flow.
  • Feel your beautiful colour travelling over your hips into your legs… like a waterfall, cascading over your knees to the tips of your toes.
  • Relish the colour resonating through your whole body. Its life-giving energy recognises the beauty within.
  • When you are ready, slowly return your awareness to your surroundings. Take a clear, fresh breath and with gratitude release your colour – taking with it anything that no longer serves you.

The Nourishing Balm

The Practise of Loving Kindness Ritual:

The ability to love ourselves takes time, effort and compassion. To truly flourish as individuals, rather than seeking perfection, we need to practice appreciating our own value and accept who we are. Positive change and personal growth come from kindness rather than criticism, from a place of love rather than judgement.

  • Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for a ritual that will nourish you physically and emotionally. Warm the balm in your hands, feeling the change in texture as it transforms into a cushiony oil. Cup your hands to your face and, inhaling the nurturing aroma, take 3 clearing breaths.
  • With gratitude and compassion, apply The Nourishing Balm above your heart in a full circular motion, slowly making the circles larger as you cover the décolleté.
  • Circle the back of the left hand and continue making rhythmic circles as you move up the arm and return to circling the heart. Repeat these movements` beginning on the back your other hand.
  • Circle the top of the foot and continue those circles as you move up the front and back of the leg. Repeat beginning on the top of your other foot.
  • Continuing to nurture and comfort the skin with the balm, move your hand to your abdomen making large circles in a clockwise direction, finishing with circles on the heart chakra.
  • Having made this deeper connection to yourself, you can complete your journey with a loving kindness meditation: Seated in a comfortable position, first feel your whole being filled with love.
  • Give love and acceptance to the aspects of yourself that you judge. Using positive affirmations, replace criticism with kindness and understanding.
  • Love every aspect of yourself as a temple.
  • Send love to those you cherish.
  • Send love to humanity and beings everywhere.
  • Send love to a challenging situation.
  • To finish, bring love back to ourselves and let it radiate.

The Hydrating Lotion

Practising Conscious Awareness Ritual:

  • This ritual encourages you to become more mindful of your body, more conscious of your breath and its power to relax our mind and our muscles.
  • Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for this grounding breathing ritual to nourish your wellbeing and anchor you in the present.
  • Warming the Hydrating Lotion between your palms, cup your hands and bring them to your face, slowly inhaling three times allowing the nurturing aromatic oils to ground you.
  • As you gently massage the lotion onto your body in smooth circular movements and feel it soothe and soften your skin, transfer your attention to the physical sensation of breathing.
  • With each inhalation and exhalation observe how the breath moves through your body, from your nostrils into your lungs and out again.
  • Staying in the moment, without altering the intensity of your breath, notice its pattern.
  • Notice the temperature of the air change as you inhale and exhale.
  • Like a balloon inflating and deflating, with each breath notice how your abdomen swells and shrinks.
  • Your mind may wander but let any thoughts to come and go, each time guiding your focus back to the natural rhythm of your body as you
  • .. exhale…

The Grounding Crystals

The Energy Cleansing Ritual:

For centuries, people have been drawn to the healing power of the sea, embedding salt and water in traditions and using them as spiritual tools that purify the body and mind. This ritual, which uses The Grounding Crystals, bathes you in an ocean of vibrational energy. Allowing your body to resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in the water.

  • As the crystals dissolve, releasing their precious minerals, and the pink petals swirl across the top of the water, close your eyes and begin your journey by setting your intention for this ritual to ground and balance your emotions and cleanse your energy.
  • Sitting upright in the bath or with your feet submerged take a few minutes to bring your attention to your breathing, inhaling and exhaling the crystals’ nurturing aroma through the nose.
  • Notice how your belly expands as you inhale and how it draws towards your spine as you exhale.
  • With your breath to anchor you in the present, let your mind focus on your spine. Imagine it lengthening like a tree growing skywards. As you grow tall within your spine, allow your shoulders to roll back and down.
  • .. Gain length through the spine. Exhale… Relax your shoulders.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • On your next inhale, gathering length in your spine, imagine a colour.
  • Visualise that colour travelling down through your throat into your heart and expanding into your belly like a balloon of colour.
  • On your next inhalation take the colour down your legs and let it wash over your knees.
  • Imagine the colour travelling to your feet and emerging through your toes, the roots of your tree grounding you to the earth.
  • .. Grow tall to the sky.
  • .. Ground down to the earth
  • As you breathe feel your body moving as a tree would move gently in the breeze.
  • Repeat this four times before finishing by crossing your arms and hugging them to your chest.
  • Soak for 20-30 minutes, feeling a release in any negativity.
  • To end the ritual, take a deep breath and plunge your head under the water and emerge feeling a sense of renewal. Allow the water to drain away, acknowledging how it represents negative energy and any impurities disappearing from your body and your spirit leaving your skin
  • feeling soft, soothed and your mind relaxed.

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