How To Achieve Inner Radiance

ESPA aren’t just about achieving beautiful skin, but also achieving a healthy body and mind. The Optimal Skin Collection creates radiant, glowing skin, read on to discover how to achieve inner radiance. Inner radiance is the secret to true beauty and happiness.

The power of positive thinking.

What we think and say is reflected in our face and our skin. If you think “I can” instead of “I can’t”, you will convince yourself that this is true and have more faith in your abilities. Don’t be afraid to build your confidence. Practise affirmations, and believe in yourself. Try and use powerful words that evoke happiness and strength, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life.


A balanced lifestyle where you dedicate equal amount of love and passion towards work and your personal life will mean that you become happier and less stressed. When work interferes with your personal life, you will become demotivated and unproductive in all aspects. Make time for yourself, to do things you enjoy with people you love and forget about stress. Take care of yourself and your own happiness, before you help others.

Fuel your body with nutritional foods and goodness, nutrient-dense and mineral-rich foods will make you feel better, sleep better and have more energy. The ease at which you wake up with will leave you with a zest for the day that emanates into a radiant glow.


Try a holistic form of exercise such as Bikram or Ashtanga Yoga, where the body and mind are challenged and detoxified. This will make you feel full of vitality and life and bring a natural glow to your presence. Yoga balances the mind and body, connecting us to our breathing and controlling our ability to relax.


Don’t lose sight of the humour in life. Make silly jokes, run like a child, giggle. There is much joy in whimsy and by not taking life too seriously, you will feel constantly calmer and more relaxed. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol and works your face muscles. Laughter is good for the soul and keeps things in perspective.

What do you do for inner radiance?

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