The Active Nutrients Collection

Naturally powerful, glow-giving formulas for ultimate skin confidence 


ESPA Active Nutrients

ESPA’s beloved Optimal collection has been a firm favourite, making customers across the world feel naturally powerful for nearly 10 years, but the time has now come for our bestselling range to have a brand new look. 

Now known as “Active Nutrients”, this range encompasses everything that ESPA firmly believes in; powerful natural ingredients, aromatherapy essential oils and improving client wellbeing and confidence, making them love the skin they are in. We have redesigned this range with colourful new packaging that celebrates the vibrancy of the revered ingredients and scents infused within the products, 

The Optimal range that you know and love has not only been updated, but we are also extending the range to include 6 beautiful new products that cater to all ages and skin needs. 

Feel naturally powerful with this high-performance collection of nutrient-rich, glow-giving formulas that feed your skin and provide radiant vitality. 

What’s new in the Active Nutrients Collection?

Yuzu & Ginger Cleansing Sorbet 

A zingy and refreshing cleanser for radiant skin 

ESPA Active Nutrients Yuzu and Ginger Cleansing Sorbet

For those of you with skin that loves to feel super clean and fresh, this cleanser is for you.  Enriched with zingy Ginger and luxurious Yuzu Oil, it helps to melt away impurities and leave skin with a radiant, healthy-looking glow. 

The softening effects of Yuzu and the reinvigorating properties of Ginger are blended with a Mango-derived cleansing agent, to remove dirt from skin and provide a deeply purifying action. Together with our nourishing Vital Nutrients Omega + Essential Vitamin Complex and an uplifting burst of nourishing Pomegranate, Almond and Seabuckthorn oils, your skin will be left feeling comfortable and replenished. 


  • Yuzu – to soften skin 
  • Ginger – to reinvigorate skin 
  • Mangoderived cleansing agent – deeply purifies the skin 
  • Botanical Lipid Blend – Almond, Moringa, Pomegranate & Sea Buckthorn – leave skin feeling comfortable and replenished 


  • Skin radiates a healthy glow 
  • Clarifies the complexion 
  • Brightens the appearance of dull skin 
  • Skin feels softer and smoother after first use 


  • Melt between fingertips then apply to dry skin and massage in. 
  • Gently add a little water which will transform the gel into a rich milk.  
  • Apply more water to rinse fully, or remove using a warm face cloth. 

Consumer Trials: 

Two-week trial on 120 respondents 

  • 98% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling softer and smoother after the first use.  
  • 98% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling nourished.  
  • 95% of people agreed that this product melted away any traces of makeup on their skin


Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel 

Recharge, resurface and achieve radiance while you rest 

ESPA Active Nutrients Overnight Glow Enzyme PeelESPA Active Nutrients Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel

 Create around-the-clock radiance routine with this overnight peel, packed with vital nutrients that recharge and resurface skin as you rest. While our unique Vital Nutrients Essential Vitamin + Omega Complex helps support the skin’s natural barrier, Pineapple and Pumpkin enzymes blended with the glycolic-like benefits of Yarrow, provide a gentle exfoliating action that means your face looks progressively fresher and more radiant each morning.  

Plumping and quenching the skin using Spirulina extract to lock in precious moisture, the cooling and depuffing effect of this formula is great as an SOS to help complexions bounce back after jetlag.  


  • Pineapple and Pumpkin Enzymes – slough away dull cells 
  • Yarrow Extract – provides a gentle exfoliating action 
  • Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates and helps to plump the skin 


  • Progressively and gently resurfaces skin night, after night as you sleep 
  • Supports skin’s natural barrier function 
  • Skin looks progressively fresher and more radiant with use 
  • Depuffs & cools for a refreshed complexion on waking 

How to Use: 

This peel can be used either nightly, or once to twice a week depending on your skin’s needs. Apply 1-2 pumps to clean hands. After cleansing and toning, simply glide your hands over skin to leave a non-sticky, pillow-friendly finish that makes it perfect for bedtime. 

Consumer Trials: 

Two-week trial on 120 respondents 

  • 98% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling smooth and soft.  
  • 96% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling gently resurfaced.  
  • 92% of people agreed that on awakening, this product left their skin looking fresh and radiant.

Clean & Green Detox Mask 

A smoothie for the skin to purify, balance and refine 

ESPA Active Nutrients Clean & Green Detox Mask

 Reboot your radiance and give tired, dull complexions a dose of goodness with this veggieinspired detox mask. As powerful as a smoothie for the skin, this creamy clay formula is packed with plant-based, nutrient-dense greens to help reset skin, creating a deepcleansing action that refines the skins texture and helps keep the skin looking shine-free. 

Feeling fresh and sitting comfortably on your face without feeling dry, the greens in this mask are ready to help you glow. Together with our Vital Nutrients Omega + Essential Vitamin Complex, a healthy complexion-loving mix of Broccoli Seed Oil, Spirulina and extracts of Kale and Spinach provide a rich blend of vitamins, minerals and omegas, while Kaolin helps to detox the skin. With your complexion back on track, your face feels softer and smoother, while looking healthier and brighter. 


  • Broccoli – rich in Omegas 6 and 9 which are known to help reinforce the skins moisture barrier, helping it feel soft and smooth.  
  • Kale, Spinach and Spirulina Blend – a superfood powerhouse that helps revive dull complexions.  
  • Green Kaolin Clay – rich mineral content that gently purifies the skin. 
  • Botanical Lipids – Sunflower, Moringa, Soya & Grapeseed – leave the skin feeling comfortable and replenished. 


  • Purifies pores  
  • Deeply cleanses without drying the skin 
  • Refines skin texture  
  • Helps keep skin looking shine-free 

How to Use: 

  • Smooth generously over face, neck and décolleté.  
  • Relax for 10 minutes before rinsing away with warm water.  

Consumer Trials:  

Two-week trial on 120 respondents 

  • 98% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling cleansed.  
  • 94% of people agreed that after using this product, their skin felt less oily and congested.  
  • 94% of people agreed that this product left their skin feeling purified and looking brighter. 



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