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How-to: Decorate your tree with ESPA

Decorating your home for the festive season is a magical time. From choosing your tree (if it’s real), to adding your ornaments, however and whoever you do it with, there’s something incredibly special about the act of dressing a tree. Primed to receive your gifts underneath, here’s our guide to decorating yours the ESPA way.

Choosing the perfect tree

If you’re going for a real tree this year, the Nordman Fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees. It has a good balanced and full shape, with soft green shiny needles that retain well.

The fir varieties have great needle holding properties and are often referred to as ‘non-drop’. Whereas the traditional Christmas tree variety, Norway Spruce, will shed its needles more quickly.

In terms of smell, fir varieties vary from aromatic pine to fresh citrus, while the Norway Spruce has a traditional ‘Christmassy’ smell – so keep this in mind when choosing if you want something that reminds you of a classic Christmas.

How to Care for your tree

To ensure your Christmas tree remains fresh, keep outdoors or in cool conditions until required for decorating, and mount in a stand that holds water. Keep it watered daily and away from direct heat.

Preparing the tree

Ensure the trunk is placed into a sturdy frame, with plenty of water. Allow the tree to settle and then gently push the branches down with the palms of your hands so that it forms its natural position.

Applying the Lights

We recommend using 2 – 3 sets of lights for a 5 foot tree for optimal results.

Begin to apply the lights working from the bottom of the tree to the top. Push the lights deep into the tree to avoid dark spots and zig-zag in and out for good coverage.

Always work diagonally, rather than winding round the tree, as you are less likely to tangle the lights. Then, step back and squint at the tree to see where the gaps are.

Selecting your decorations

Select different textures of decorations, larger baubles which are more of a feature and add structure, smaller baubles and textured baubles for interest and theme.

For the ESPA tree, we like to use clear baubles with botanicals inside that replicate ESPA ingredients. We’re also using our stocking filler gifts to decorate the tree too, to create an added layer of surprise and delight.

ESPA STYLE TIP: Add some floristry twigs as fillers where the tree might be missing branches to add shimmer or sparkle.

Applying your decorations

Begin to apply the decorations from the top to the bottom of the tree, dispersing larger ‘feature’ baubles first.

Working diagonally across, round and down the tree, apply smaller decorations in clusters.

Ensure to apply decorations deep and securely onto thicker branches of the tree, and avoid applying on the end of branches to prevent them from dropping.

Add floristry twig decorations to fill in any gaps, and apply ESPA crackers and hanging decorations as a finishing touch to form the perfect ESPA Tree.

For the final touch, add a star to the top of your tree! Then relax and embrace the calm surroundings of an ESPA Christmas.



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