Active Nutrients Routine

Six vibrant new products, working alongside the Optimal range that we all know and love, but supercharged, with the addition of two naturally powerful nutrient complexes: the skin nurturing blend of Omega & Vitamins and the deep sea Essential Minerals & Electrolytes blend, rich in pre and post biotics to revive tired skin.

I feel like I’m stepping into the light as I emerge glowing and fresh from my new Active Nutrients skin care, my skin responding immediately to a few delightful additions to my routine. My energy levels rise, along with my happiness as I feel inspired to live an active nutrient lifestyle, focusing on fresh, naturally powerful ingredients, both on my skin and on my plate. For me, beautiful skin is synonymous with healthy skin and that comes with a healthy body and mind, something that reverberates throughout ESPA’s established heritage.

Step 1.

Yuzu and Ginger Cleansing Sorbet- Take the luxurious gel in your fingers and apply to dry skin, working in circles over the face, neck and decollete. A perfectly uplifting start to the day with its zingy citrus and ginger aroma, or a refreshing end to the day, removing even heavy make- up. Add water to transform the gel into a light milky texture to deep cleanse without stripping the skin. When you rinse off, you will notice there is no residue, leaving the skin tingly clean and fresh

Step 2.

Deep cleanse with ESPA’s most loved 3 in 1 Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser. Apply on dry skin and work the gentle jojoba beads in circles over the face until they begin to melt. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, as a mask, and let the moringa oil and pumpkin enzymes get to work, nibbling away at dead skin and stimulating cell renewal, before adding water to transform the texture and lift impurities, then remove with a warm cloth revealing exceptionally bright, soft skin. This can also be used as a daily cleanser.

For a weekly purifying and nutrient rich treat for the skin, swap out the Pro-Cleanser, as a mask, and indulge instead in The Clean & Green Detox Clay Mask with green kaolin clay, kale, spinach, and broccoli – the equivalent of a healthy smoothie for the skin! Great for combination and oily skin as well as the occasional deep clean, with its botanical lipids, for dryer skin types. Smooth over the skin, avoiding the eye area, leave for up to 20 minutes and remove with water, leaving the skin looking purified, balanced and with a more refined pore texture.

Step 3.

Tone with your favourite ESPA toner. I am using Hydrating Floral Spa-Fresh as I tend towards the dry side. This will remove any hard elements in tap water, hydrate and balance the PH of the skin leaving it ready to absorb the active nutrients coming next.

Step 4.

After smoothing on your favourite eye cream apply 2 to 3 drops of Optimal Pro-Serum- I didn’t think it was possible to love the smell of this any more than I already did, but with the addition of the active nutrients Vitamin Complex to the brightening Turmeric and calming Balloon vine extract, the aroma oil becomes more vibrant and the revitalising and hydrating performance is enhanced.

Step 5.

Optimal Skin Instant Facial- 3 in 1 serum, essence, and oil. Layer this over the Optimal Pro-Serum, or if your skin doesn’t need so much feeding, you can use it on its own. Press onto the face and neck to revitalise the skin leaving it looking instantly healthier, perfect as a nutrient rich but light hydrator and primer that blurs imperfections and smooths the skin, ready for make- up application.

For fans of the much- loved Optimal Pro-Moisturiser, you could swap this out to benefit from the intelligent self- balancing hydration or apply it on top for extra active nutrients.

Step 6.

At the end of the day after cleansing and toning, my favourite Active Nutrients product is the Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel with its fruity aroma, containing pineapple, pumpkin, and yarrow, it refines, brightens, and hydrates while I sleep. My skin is unbelievably soft in the morning and my dehydration lines are plumped for younger looking fresh skin.

During the winter months when I tend to dry out, I add a couple of drops of the Optimal Skin Night Booster to my bed time routine, and sometimes during the day too, if I feel I want to supercharge my Optimal Pro Serum or my moisturiser. It can be added to any product to revitalise and boost skin recovery.

This Active Nutrients range has under- gone extensive consumer trials and the results have exceeded expectation, different to anything I have used with their fresh and green, glow- giving formulas they are a pleasure to use and I am loving the results

Thank you for reading.

Writer and expert