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ESPA Breathing Ritual

ESPA Breathing Ritual

Begin and end every day with a simple breathing ritual to help soothe, calm and centre body and mind.



1. Start by sitting comfortably

Release tension in the shoulders by lifting them up, drawing them back and gently dropping them down.

2. Close your eyes

Visualise a colour and focus on the breath as both hands come to rest on the abdomen.

3. Inhale though the nose deep into the abdomen

Count to four, gently hold the breath for a count of two and then smoothly exhale through the nose for a count of six.

Repeat 3-4 times, building towards 10 cycles over time.

Therapist Tip:

Breathing through the nose enables a deeper more focused release but be mindful not to clench the jaw, keep the face relaxed and neck soft.