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Amplify the effects of your ESPA products with advice from our expert Therapists.

A weekly deep, double cleanse removes dulling dead skin cells and allows subsequent products to penetrate better. First use a wash off formulation like Balancing Foam Cleanser to remove all traces of make-up, then massage in an oil based formulation like Nourishing Cleansing Balm to boost circulation, lift out impurities and intensely nourish.

To create sandal-worthy feet, slather them with Pink Hair and Scalp Mud for 10 minutes – our ultra-versatile, rejuvenating skin and hair care hero.

Maximise the efficiency of your serum and moisturiser by exfoliating first. This removes dry, dead skin cells and allows for better penetration of treatment products.

24-Hour Skin Saviour is great for sun or windburn, as well as sensitised or dry skin. It delivers an intense surge of hydration to skin and its hero ingredients, Tamanu and Manuka Oils, are great healers.

Restore luminosity with our guide for a total complexion transformation in just 5 minutes

Warm a little oil in the palm of your hands. Cup and hold your hands over your nose and deeply inhale to optimise the aromatherapeutic effects.

Place your hands on both cheeks, then one hand on your forehead and one on your chin to apply the oil.
Slide hands up your décolleté and neck, then work in small upward circular movements to spread the treatment oil over the rest of your face.

Starting at the inner brow, use your index finger and thumb on both hands to gently pinch along both brows. Then, using your ring finger, very lightly circle inwards under the eye from outer to inner corner. Repeat twice.

Finally, using small circular movements, massage your forehead, working from the centre across to your temples. Finish by applying light pressure for a few seconds to each temple to ease tension and release.